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Remember, I have been talking about some big project inside my head since past few weeks in my past few posts? Well, it’s finally nearly there. I got a lot of cool names that would be perfect for what I’m working on, but availability of ‘cool’ names with a .com TLD is what put me into trouble. However, now I’m fine and I think the name is good enough for what is coming in a week, Express Bloggers!

As I told earlier, I started working on Express Bloggers as soon as WordPress 3 was released. I started writing the pages and modifying the theme on another blog. Once a file is all done, I just copied that and pasted into the Express Bloggers’ file. You know, I didn’t want to mess up with any files of; so I just took an experimental blog and did every experiment, plugin test, theme customization test, etc.

And now, things are almost done. I’m expecting that the first Public Beta of Express Blogger will go live within a week. Once it’s up, users will be able to register [for free, do I need to say this? πŸ˜€ ] and start blogging right away on any topic they like. It will be a community among the youth of Bangladesh who love blogging in English. It will also bridge the gap between those English-loving bloggers and real English speakers, a.k.a. foreigners. I invite anyone living in any part of the world to join Express Bloggers and make it their regular diary.

Help spread the word

After a few weeks of launch, I will start promoting it in various way so that we can get some newbie bloggers on board. I have plan to distribute leaflets/brochures among the student of English medium schools and colleges. If you are interested, you may contact me. You may promote it wherever you are — say it a university, a college, a school, or maybe in your office. Just gather some enthusiastic people/students, and let them know about us. I’m sure once they step in, they will find it very interesting and fun.

After all, blogging is definitely fun. What do you say? Isn’t it?

Stay in touch with Express Bloggers and register as soon as the site goes up. You may also keep in touch with this blog, because after launching the site, the first thing I’ll do is publish a post on this blog. πŸ˜€

13 thoughts

  1. wow… good job…..

    Bangladesh blogosphere badly need some community english blogging platform… not only that we also need some site like or for Bangladesh bloggers…. So that we can say the world that We Bangladeshi are united in online media and everyone will get informations of most of bangladeshi blog (free domain or paid domain) from that site…

    Best of luck for your Express Bloggers .. πŸ™‚


    1. You are right. I thought it from that point of view, too. The world outside doesn’t even know how big the blogosphere in Bangladesh is. It’s mostly because we are blogging in Bangla language only, which doesn’t let the people of foreign countries understand what we are up to. It’s true that a number of people are blogging in English, but they are not united.

      What I’m going to create is like what you called Community Blogging platform. But I think we need something like IndiBlogger in Bangladesh with a stronger and more motivated organizers. BD Bloggerz was a hope, but it’s not that good. It’s just a list, while IndiBlogger is an active community of bloggers across India who blog on their own places, not IndiBlogger (well, in fact, indiblogger doesn’t have any blogging feature, you know).

      Hopefully someday we will have it. And by the way, I personally expect you to write on the blog I’m about to launch.


      1. Yes, I’ll be there at the english community platform!

        What ever, about indiblogger, i like their rating system very much! And I think we should come forward to have that kind of bangladeshi blog monitoring site, ok, launch your site 1st , then after 2 to 3 months we can think about that kind of site!


  2. no doubt that it’s a good step in community blogging, specially for Bangladeshi bloggers in world wide. Bangla blogging is passing through a popular era. Initially it was surely an experiment which all native embraced rapidly. But to express our views in international field within a sec, english is the media to conduct. Bangla blogging practice helping us how to approach ourself in bangla community and English blogging will bring up us forward in international field with our own views. I am eagerly waiting to see one more expressive community within us.

    I appreciate the marketing strategy. Otherwise it would be a little tough to have response and the blog will move slowly!

    So, just GO AHEAD. Good Luck.


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