Probably this is what the ubuntu lovers had long been waiting for. The Canonical team has recently released a post informing that they are releasing multi-touch support for Ubuntu from 10.10, Maverick Meerkat edition. They wrote that uTouch 1.0 will give all Ubuntu users a touch-screen framework that will work all through kernels and applications. They also noted that they have been working hard to bring the advanced touch-technology inside the open source world.

ubuntu on netbook

Here’s a note from the blog of Canonical:

The world’s expectations of software experience are being raised by advances in mobile computing. We are bringing that revolution to the Linux desktop: for window management and applications. Though our work at the application level has only just started, we are certain that multi-touch and gestures will be central to the way we use Linux applications in future.

Canonical also wrote that the success of mutli-touch age in Ubuntu depends on three key factors. Toolkit integration of gestures APIs is the most important of them while the other one — touch support for legacy application — is equally important. To make touch-computing successful, Canonical thinks that a lot of applications should be designed with finger-based interaction.

Canonical ends their announcement saying:

Canonical is working with manufacturers of touch-enabled products and those of their underlying technology in order to bring innovations in user experience to a broader audience. Our aim is to bring the natural, tactile experience of the world to the desktop, window manager, and applications you value — all the software that you depend upon to get things done and have fun. Touch will be part of the Ubuntu Netbook, Desktop and Light products from 10.10 and beyond.

Ever since I first logged in to Ubuntu desktop edition using my desktop computer, I fell in total [geeky] love with this smart little software. I started feeling like free to fly. Although one cannot have the real taste of Ubuntu unless he has an internet connection, and it is a problem though, I feel that Ubuntu deserves to be the best operating system out there. Just let Adobe enter the linux world (I believe certainly they will do, because people will still love to buy Adobe products for linux). Once adobe is available for linux, a huge amount of people will jump off windows and enter the world of freedom and happiness.

Photo Credit: Paul Stamatiou.

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