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Hours of traffic jam is one of the most problematic daily affairs here in Bangladesh. Especially when it’s office time at 9 am or office end time around 5 to 9 pm, you should believe that God has special eyes on you if you get a seat in the bus. If you are graced, you may be able to put your feet inside of the bus. That’s even impossible during peak hours. You stand in the line for hours watching the queue of the vehicles that is even longer and is in a halt.

But our history has not yet seen any traffic jam that existed a day — 24 hours. Let alone a month.

It’s good not to believe that a traffic jam cannot exist for about a month. Well, if you can’t believe, it’s your fault. It’s real and official. China is experiencing an epic traffic jam and it has just entered its 10th day with the officials saying that it could last up to the middle of September.

Now count. Isn’t that about a month?

chinese traffic jam
Image by © David Gray/Reuters/Corbis

According to various news sources including TIME, the epic jam has been caused by a roadside construction. As AHN reports:

An official of the Zhangjiakou city’s Traffic Management Bureau said traffic will normalize around Sept. 17, when road construction is scheduled to be finished and open up traffic lanes.

Repairs began on the Beijing-Tibet Highway on Aug. 13, and were followed by the closure of a major circumferential road in Beijing the next week. The result has created a major traffic jam on National Highway 110 that stretches towards the border with Inner Mongolia.

What’s more? TIME jokes that this has sparked some ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ for local residents as they have begun selling foods including noodles reportedly sold for four times the original price.

Thinking of the scene and the sufferings of the hostages in that traffic jam, I somewhat feel that our condition is a lot better. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m happy with the current situation. These roadside constructions and digging-ups should have some alternative way and the company appointed for these tasks should make sure that the work is done in the possible shortest time. Only that can improve the situation caused by such reconstructions.

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  1. With countries such as China, Bangladesh, and India on an exponential rise like we can currently see today, the country itself has problems keeping up with this change (and by country I mean the population). Traffic jams are almost common in China when I visited. People are what we call in the US “first generation drivers” because they’re the main generation that was exposed to having their own automobiles and motorcycles. It’s a new experience to them and they’re still developing to the point at which the US has fortunately been at for quite awhile. It’s tough to deal with these situations but given time, most of these countries will be on par with the US on economic power most likely.


    1. I don’t know about China, but India will one day be on par on economic power, most likely. But Bangladesh? Never. I can assure you. I’m not saying this from my disappointment. But it is a truth. Bangladeshis do hope and work for a better future, but our future is held down by the ones sitting in the governmental body. They will never let the country be a better one. Because those people who deserve to be there, are not appointed. Instead, those who will make the best use of corruption and selfishness are usually there.


      1. Oh, ok. Sorry for that assumption. I know little about India and the regions surrounding it. I catch glimpses of news here and there from the web and TV stations here in America but for the most part I’m ignorant on the history behind the Partition.


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