writing on a laptop
It is not mine. I do not have a laptop though I want to.

I have just trashed a post titled “Building the relationship with Blogroll”. I didn’t spend much time writing it. Just about 30 minutes ago, I began to write the post. Luckily, my writer’s mind was conscious and I had the writing flow. So, I just typed faster than usual as things kept coming out from my brain. My mother then came to me and called for pre-dawn meal (it’s ramadan here, so we fast). I hit the Save Draft button and minimized the window. After the meal, I came back to my desktop, maximized the window and shockingly noticed the post editor was blank. I tried the revisions but there was no text input. I was halted for a moment and now feeling really, really frustrated and sad.

I’m not a writer, but I want to be. To say from that perspective, a piece of article is like a child to a writer (same goes for passionate bloggers as well). I started writing that post as I added blogroll at the sidebar of my blog and thinking of adding the blogs that I come across, find interesting and fun to read. I have already come across a few blogs that gave me fun. I don’t remember all of them that’s why the blogroll is still short.

After writing that, I began to write the reason why blogroll helps build a relationship between bloggers and increase the comments on each others’ posts. I wrote about 350+ words before I hit the Save Draft button and went off. And now, I see none of them. It’s like all those 350+ words are gone in a moment. And this is not the first time happened with me. It’s probably third or fourth time I faced this accident (is it?).

I tried the revisions, but there was nothing. I also tried hitting the back button, but it reloaded the page so the text was not there. And then, I tried to write from the beginning, but I couldn’t. Because right now I’m totally obsessed with what has just happened. I may force myself to write the post again, but it’s not gonna be like that. Not again. That’s why I had to trash the post and start writing this one — a completely different post that I never thought I’d be writing.

wordpress trash post

As I’m guessing, there was some technical error. I was writing. I could see the text as I typed. But the data was not getting input. I mean, they just showed up. They never existed. That’s the main reason why I didn’t see any text after hitting the Save Draft button.

Wait, is this post being saved? It’s already 425 words right until here. Hold on a second. Let me hit the Save Draft button again. (Not forgetting to copy the entire text as a temporary backup, I hate to open up MS Word for this)

Well, yes, the post was drafted successfully. The question is, why didn’t it save last time? The same browser, same operating system (windows 7 at this moment, most often I use Ubuntu) and the same platform (WordPress, obviously). The question is, whose fault was this? The browser, or WordPress? I don’t know whom to blame for it.

For this time, let’s just drop the case and forgive whoever did this injustice to me. 😦 Next time, I’m gonna shout about it a lot as well as contact WordPress.com support and other browser experts. 😡

What do you think?

Did this happen to you when writing post ever? What do you think caused this problem? Do you have any advice for me? Shoot them in the comment section below.

Good that I at least ended up with one more post on my blog. 😀 😀 I might want to thank the troublemaker. Otherwise I wouldn’t have written this post. I still miss my last post’s texts, thought. 😥

20 thoughts

  1. I remember may be 2 months ago in my friends home I wrote a post about “Namecheap subdomain” and draft it.
    After come back in my home at night i dont get anything in my draft section.
    SO i write it again …..


  2. Yeah, happened a lot with me, but mostly on Blogspot. I experienced it with wordpress just once, though. I’d hit publish, and nothing except the title got published.

    I too hate to open up Microsoft Word. It slows down my system. So I use Google Docs instead.

    I mostly outline my articles on paper, so I can restart from scratch any time. Outlining on paper even helps to organise thoughts.


    1. Could you ever figure it out who exactly caused this problem? It’s not possible that every time I keep in mind to ‘copy’ the entire post before hitting the publish or draft button. You are right, only the title gets published/saved. Nothing else. It’s such a pain in the heart. 😦

      Microsoft Word is good for catching grammatical errors. That’s the only thing that keeps me have it installed. Despite that i use ubuntu, so I’m with OpenOffice. But you’re with the best, Google Docs. 😀 I’m often afraid of it because if I have no internet connection, I can’t access my documents. And I don’t write blog posts on Google Docs or other word processing software because I don’t feel good to write with those interfaces. In fact, WordPress’s cool post editor inspires me to write.

      That pen and paper method of writing? Well, I’m too lazy to do so. Except exam scripts, I don’t really write anything on paper. 😉 But when I have no access to computer but floating a writing idea on my mind, I definitely take help of this old-fashion. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, by the way. You’re on my blogroll.


  3. It’s the website’s fault, not the browser’s. Because this never happens with e-mails. Any unsent e-mail gets saved in drafts.

    You’re right about using GoogleDoc in BD! SCARY!

    Microsoft Word does catch grammatical errors, but it often makes mistake. So far no software is perfect; they can’t read our mind,so they don’t know what we are trying to convey. WordPress is better, though not perfect.

    I had given up the old-fashioned pen-paper method but picked it up during my visit to BD because I couldn’t stand the internet speed. Absurd! Now, I can’t seem to shake off the pen-paper habit. I don’t write whole paras, just draw an outline. It has helped me improve.


    1. BD pulls us back from prosperity. 😦 If at least the internet speed and electricity was good, our people could have gone long way toward development and advancement of the country. BD has got a lot of brilliant people in IT sector. But they don’t have opportunity to do something for the country, so they give up.

      Anyway, I think I should develope the pen and paper habit. But the idea of outlining is still not clear to me.


  4. Oh thats sucks so much. It pains me when that happens. Yea my only advice would be always to copy and paste into Microsoft word. Or just copy the whole post, go off then when you come back just click paste and there it is.
    My, computers really can be so frustrating.


    1. Yea, probably that’s why I need to do from now on. I’d rather prefer Google Docs because if for some reason (bad luck, so to say) my PC crashes, I cannot get that document back until it is restored. 😦 😉

      Thanks for your comment.


  5. This has never happened to me, but I’d definitely be as frustrated as you! But thanks for posting this, because now I’m going to be extra careful whenever I write a post and make sure to create a reliable back up 😀

    Oh, and thanks for adding me on your blogroll!


    1. I wish you had experienced this. 😀

      You are welcome. 🙂 Hope you visit often and post your thoughts on my blog. 🙂 That makes me feel I have at least some people who are reading my blog. Otherwise, it feels like an empty desert (deserts are always empty, though, except a few cactus 😀 ).


  6. Oh this must have hurt! I don’t recall that ever happening but I am glad to have read this because now I will look into having something on line as well as on my own computer by way of back up. Typically I just sit down and write as I go, and so far I have done so within WordPress. You have given me some food for thought by sharing this. I hope you managed to recreate your post?


    1. I think I should thank my browser (or the website or whatsoever caused the problem) because that’s what made me write this post and as a result I see other bloggers like you are able to beware of losing their work. 🙂

      I do that too, whenever an idea comes to my head (usually that time I don’t get access to computers), I start writing and hit the publish button as soon as done proofreading although I know I should take time before proofreading it.

      I haven’t yet recreated that post. In fact, I kind of lost my interest in rewriting that one. I may write that again as I have added that blogroll, but I am going to write that in short; unlike what I lost. 😦

      Thanks for your comment, by the way. It’s a great pleasure to have a writer on board. 🙂 Please don’t forget to keep coming back and suggesting if you discover any mistake in my writing. 🙂


  7. you have a good writing skills but i am not familiar with that kind of problem and hope that it will never happen because like you i can’t think can write a post again.


    1. I’m glad that this made you aware of such problem. I thought I was the first and the only one to face this problem. But you can see two people have already said in the comments above that they had faced such problem, too.


  8. Aminul, may be you should do what I do whenever I write anything. I start writing in MS Word or any other word pgoram and save it. After I’m done writing I copy and paste it to wordpress.


    1. Maybe that’s why I should be doing although I’m still not safe with MS word. You know about electricity problem. I may forget to constantly press the save button and it may distract my writing flow as well. Google Docs is a perfect alternative, but unfortunately, internet connection is not stable here as well.

      You know all those things about Bangladesh. So, there’s actually nothing new.

      By the way, I saw you started your blog again. Good. It’s self-hosted again, right?


  9. Oh this is TOO familiar a scenario.
    Terrible isn’t it, to have written something, feel satisfied that it is pretty good, only to have it DISAPPEAR; yikes…

    I like your writing..am adding you to my blogroll!


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