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There are a lot of people who don’t find twitter an interesting thing to keep stuck with. However, I have always liked the concept of twitter. It’s simple. It’s effective. Twitter’s wild popularity tells us that the idea was bright and amazing.

I think most other people, who are already involved in social networking such as Facebook or MySpace, don’t like twitter because it doesn’t let them do all those stuffs they can do on Facebook or alike social networking platforms. I don’t do all those stuffs such as farming 😡 , mafia war-ing, answering to a bunch of useless questions, etc. All I do is really connect with my friends, share my status (most often), upload photos and share interesting links I find across the web world.

Since I don’t do those stuffs, I found twitter very interesting, simple and amazing. I do update my status regularly, and that’s what twitter is for. Although twitter doesn’t let you share photos directly, but instead through an external link, I’m okay with this. Because I don’t share photos too often.

Anyway, lately, I’ve got back to twitter to be even more regular than I was. I added twittergadget to my gmail so that I can tweet whenever I want. Twitter’s main site takes a little longer to load. So, I prefer third-party applications.

Long ago, I installed TweetDeck on my computer and was very happy and satisfied with this. But I haven’t been using it pretty often as you won’t find me much regular on my twitter stream. However, I’m back to twitter with my good-looking TweetDeck.

tweetdeck on windows
Busy desktop with TweetDeck open on Windows. Click to enlarge.

So yea, that’s my desktop. I don’t usually keep logged in to windows because it’s a pain. However, when downloading stuffs, I do go to windows because Internet Download Manager is awesome.

And as long as I am connected to the internet, that’s almost all the time my computer is up, I stay logged in to twitter via tweetdeck. From its website, I’ve come to know that it works on Linux as well. I’ve tried to download and install it on my Ubuntu, but failed. When clicked to download TweetDeck from Firefox on Ubuntu, the button says “Installing TweetDeck” (it never downloads itself) and nothing happens afterward. I wish someone would help me with this.

Anyway, now you know I’m pretty active on twitter. If you’re interested about me, the work I do, the way I interact, write, and if you would like to be updated with technology findings that are pretty much interesting to me, you are welcome to follow me on twitter. Here’s my twitter profile.

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