All right. It was hard to believe my eyes when I woke up at 3.30am in the morning, turned on my computer, visited The Daily Star and saw my article on its Sunday magazine, Star Campus. I was so happy and excited to see my English article got published in the Daily Star. I never thought I’d be able to have my article published on an English newspaper so early.

I’m not new to this newspaper publishing. In fact, I have been there for years. Right now I work for an online newspaper, but before that I worked for a national bangla newspaper. So, getting published in not entirely a new thing for me.

the daily star

However, this is the first time I wrote for any English newspaper. Although it’s nothing official, I wrote like a reader, I believe this is the beginning to my journey to becoming a journalist in English. See my “About” page for more details.

If you are interested to read what I’ve written, please click this link and read the article on the web version of the Daily Star’s weekly magazine, Star Campus.

15 thoughts

  1. Congrats.

    I can see they didn’t edit anything. You still have a lot of grammar issues. I guess they wanted the text as original as possible to show the real problems you have with your english classes in your country.

    Don’t worry Sajib, english classes back in my country were better, but would never turn me into a professional english writer either. I’m getter better because I read and study a lot by myself. I advise you to never stop reading english fiction books. You can have fun while learning. Also, read books on english grammar. They are your best teacher.


    1. Really? 😮 They did edit the piece. Could you please take some time to explain me the grammatical issues on the published article? I really want to spot them and do better in coming days. Also, it’s a bit of curiosity you know, how could they make grammatical mistake although they are the most circulated and top positioned English newspaper in Bangladesh. 😮

      I do read English articles, especially news and blogs. I often read fictions though, but they are hard to understand. 😦 Still I try to keep reading. I can find out a word’s meaning in dictionary, but you know in a fiction it’s more than just plain old words put together to make a sentence. Lots of phrases and other styles are frequently used that make it hard for me to understand the scene, most of the time.


      1. I never said they don’t know how to write in english. Of course they must know, they are an English newspaper.

        Maybe when they said they edited your text, they just deleted some parts and adjusted some bit and pieces: that’s editing as well.

        Yes, it’s harder, but you just have to keep reading books. If it was easy everyone would do it, and you’d not be special for trying it.

        Your text reads like a foreigner learning english. It’s very rough and artificial. It reads like a translation done almost word-by-word. It would have to get a complete make-over to flow better.

        Also, I’m not a native english speaker, therefore I’m not the best person to correct your text. But I do believe we foreigners should help and inspire one another, so I’ll leave you with a few examples:

        1) I would start the text with the letter ‘A’ — “A few days ago”

        This sentence: “The fact is, if I did write that, my teacher is most likely to give me fewer marks.”

        Would be: “The fact is, if I WERE TO write that, my teacher WOULD most likely give me a LOW GRADE.”

        This one: “he would consider my actions of less significance and thus give me poor marks.”

        Would improve with: “he would consider my actions IRRELEVANT and thus give me a LOW GRADE.”


        I can see that you are using a dictionary to translate your thoughts word by word. The problem is, sometimes there is more than one word for any given expression and some work better to the overall meaning than others.

        You only learn that by reading more books and getting used to how some expressions are used and understand where they are not used.

        Also, don’t use just a simple dictionary of words like Google Translator or your paper dictionary. If you must, use it and then take that word in english and go and get the meaning of that word from an english-to-english dictionary, seek expressions for it, see where that word is more likely to be used and its synonyms.

        Use something like

        Never use the first word the dictionary gives you, seek synonyms and see which one is best.

        Like I said, the text is readable, but it needs the kind of general make-over that you will only learn with practice.

        It’s clear that they left the text as similar to your original as possible to show how a teenager in your country would struggle to write in english. I’m not surprised, it was the whole purpose of this article. Do you understand?

        I must go now, I have to work on my own tasks.



        1. Thanks for taking the time to post this comment. In the original copy, which I still have saved in my computer, I wrote that line this way: “The fact is, if I wrote that, teacher would go mad and gives me fewer marks.” What went up is the edited one.

          I’m sorry but I did not look at the dictionary while writing this article; not at all. I wrote this article first for my blog. And you know I don’t go through dictionary to find words for my most other posts. I didn’t need any word that I hadn’t known of at the time of writing the article. Therefore, I didn’t need a dictionary.

          It sounds sad that it still looks like I translated every word from dictionary. I never try to translate word-by-word as it looks awkward and lacks importance.


  2. Yeah, your sentence is even worst. So it seems they improved your text, but still left that artificial touch so it sounds like a foreign wrote it. Like I said, they had a reason to do that, if they changed it completely it would not be your text anymore.

    Your text sounds artificial because you are not reading enough.


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