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Warning: This post has been marked as outdated. As the functionality in has changed, this post is no longer valid.

Google Reader is my favorite RSS reader that is web-based, requires no download or installation and is user-friendly and has fast user interface. However, I use Google Reader to keep up with blogs that talk about making blog better, technology updates, Photoshop and photography tutorials, etc. Now, for the blogs I read here in, I have nothing. I have to individually visit all those blogs over time to see if there is something new. Luckily, that pain is over.

I have always tried to get the most out of Blog surfer option that lets you add blog links and read posts from inside your dashboard. I find it hard to use and understand. So, I did not use it. For past few days, I have been planning to subscribe to RSS feeds of those blogs using my Google Reader, but it was never a good idea because I read important posts on Google Reader, unlike what I like to read over here at personal blogs.

Thanks to the folks at who made it dead simple to stay up-to-date with any hosted blog with a one-click subscription. It is very helpful especially for those who don’t want to mess with RSS links and such. All they need to do is do a one-click subscription. They need to have a account for this, though.

Assuming that you, yes, YOU, have a blog, are you keeping up with me? I know that like many other blogs, including my A.I.Sajib, I have some silent readers who never take time to leave their thoughts before they move to another site or close the tab. For everyone who visits my blog and spends time reading my post, I have a question. Have you subscribed to my blog yet?

How to subscribe?

If not, do so right away. First, log in to your account and visit my homepage at Then, click ‘Subscribe to Blog’ from the drop-down menu of the floating bar as you scroll up and down.

subscribe to wordpress blog

Just a click and you are subscribed. The next time you log in after a new post is published on my blog, you will see a “NEW” icon on your “My Subscriptions” menu at the floating bar. Simply click that and you’ll be led to your subscription page. This works on all and blogs. You can subscribe to as many blogs as you like to stay up-to-date with.

So, have you subscribed yet? 🙂

For more clarification of the service and official announcement, please read this post.

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  1. I still prefer to use FeedDemon myself. How has Google’s worked out for you? I’d like an online reader I can use from anywhere.


    1. Oh man, Google Reader is the boss. I don’t use any desktop or mobile application for feed reading, but Google Reader, as a web-based feed reader that is accessible from anywhere on the web and mobile browser, is great. I recommend it. You’ll find it satisfactory. Guaranteed. 😀


    1. Really? 😮 Then you deserve a big doubled thank-you 😀

      I also use Google Reader and I recommend everyone to use it. I wrote this post targeting those who might not like to mess up with Google Reader (although it’s damn easy). One-click subscription; awesome invention by


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