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After much Without thinking, I just bought a custom domain “” (AIS = Aminul Islam Sajib) for this hosted blog. It’s not different from putting old wine in a new bottle. The blog content is same, and this is the first blog I created on willing to blog in English for the first time ever. Thus, the old wine is now on a new bottle, which is the newest domain I bought.

I could host it on some hosting network, but I don’t want to spend on hosting for this personal blog. I spent money on custom domain because this way I made this blog look more professional and motivated as well as active. I mainly write things that I believe worth sharing and keeping there for years. Although I can’t write everything that I want to write*, I keep writing so that my proficiency improves and I get an outstanding English writing skill.

They say, the best advantage of having a blog is it’s unedited. You are your editor and there is no one to rule upon your writing (unless you’re hired, obviously). However, I believe this has a downside too for bloggers like me who blog to improve their writing skill. If I had someone to check my grammar and edit my writings, I would have a guideline to improve. Without any guidance, you know how it goes.

Anyway, from now on, you will not have to type in the full URL in the location bar. Instead, just type and you’ll be led to this blog. Old link will still redirect to the existing ones as well. So you don’t have to worry about anything if you linked to any internal posts from your blog, Facebook, twitter or whatsoever.

So, enjoy reading my blog. Feel free to comment and leave your blog URL so that I can be your reader as well. If you use any RSS reader, be sure to subscribe. If you are on twitter, follow me (not only this blog) @aisajib. You can also friend me on Facebook. 😎

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    1. With having Google and Bing out there, it’s hard for a new search engine to survive. If it’s yours, I’d recommend you to build something else creative rather than search engines.

      Thanks for commenting.


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