There is a saying: Everything has its evil side. I think we have come to a time when we can say from the scientific discoveries that every evil thing has its good side as well. I say that because latest studies showed that moderate drinking of wine improves your cognitive functions, and this is effective especially for women, according to the study report.

teen girl drinkingI found this news on the newsfeed of TIME. TIME noted, according to the report, women who didn’t drink had lower cognitive abilities than those who did. The report also said that over the last three decades, over 60 times such studies have been conducted to see whether moderate drinking has any effect on cognitive ability. Interestingly, most of the studies had a positive report on this showing moderate drinking does effect cognitive ability.

While this finding of the beneficial side of drinking should not spark a craze of drinking wine insanely among teenage people, it is also a controversial matter whether or not we should encourage people, especially women, to develop a habit of moderate drinking. Because drinking may make one smarter, but the report specified ‘moderate’ drinking does that. What is difficult for anyone willing to drink moderately and be smarter is drinking ‘moderately’. So, at this moment, I think we should not begin drinking immediately.

Where I find this report comes into benefit is if we go to some party and are offered to drink, we may accept and drink until it crosses the limit of ‘moderation’. This does not harm, if you trust the reports that have been done over the last three decades.

Source: Newsfeed of TIME.

What’s ringing on your mind? Instead of thinking, why not tell me about it in the comment field below and start a discussion? Will you advise your spouse, girlfriend, daughter or sister for moderate drinking?

12 thoughts

  1. This is really thought provoking post.
    The culture of going to a social gathering or a party and being entertained by wine or other drinks… most of the people cannot deny/do not deny/ love it. You see, it reduces the cognitive ability of the women!

    we need to be careful…


    1. And the culture of going to such party is provoked by friends. One of my close friends have gone this way due to the friends’ influence. Don’t know if started drinking yet. But changed a lot.

      We should be conscious about your friends and we will not lose your good things, including character.


  2. I think we get enough ‘moderate’ amount of alcohol from all the bread and pizza that we eat.

    Have you noticed in the study that all those women who reported lesser intake of alcohol had to avoid alcohol due to health problems? My guess is their health problems made them dumber, not the absence of alcohol in their life 😉

    There are a gazillion other stimulants of Alzheimer’s. For instance, you may try to avoid it by consuming alcohol, but still develop it due to Vit. D deficiency. Vitamin deficiencies run a higher risk of causing Alzheimer’s than lack of alcohol.

    Besides, moderate is impossible unless you have your mother watching your back. Or wait. Is she drinking for her brain as well?


    1. No matter whether mother is drinking or not, today’s teen guys and girls go to a party with their so-called friends and drink. I think, friends are root of everything — good or bad.


    1. You are right. Today, we see that “Study” shows drinking makes people smarter. But in the world of today’s friends, it is established that ‘drinking and smoking’ makes men — and women as well — smarter and ‘stylish’. 😐


  3. It’s not the alcohol that makes you smarter it’s the grape contents. Purple fruits and vegetable have phytochemicals which enhaces your body. You would be surprised how smarter and healthier you would be if you ate purple grapes, purple cabbage, plums, eggplants(Begun in Bangla).

    I’m a medical student and I heard about this news before so it got me interested, but don’t be misled, it’s the grape in wine which is the key to enhanced ability.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I knew that some ingredients of Wine was good for health, but I did not know which they were. Thanks for letting me know.

      But you know this because you are a medical student and if you drink your perspective or purpose will be to enhance your ability. While drinking, however, many other people will also think that they are drinking to enhance their cognitive abilities but who knows they may cross the limit and, you know, go wild. That’s what I’m talking about, actually.


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