They say, few of the best things on the earth in free. WordPress is one of them. I agree. This little tool is not only meant for publishing. But it comes bundled with lots more features; all for free. “Random Post” is just one of them.

wordpress random postWhen you go to a blog which has a long archive, you may just get lost at his/her posts. However, if you really like the posts, you may want to get lost. There are categories, tags, monthly archives, etc to explore his/her blog posts. But if you want something more interesting, try “Random Post” feature of WordPress. It will open up an old post from the archive at random order. This might sound nothing interesting, but when I tried this out on Elegant Chic‘s blog, I was impressed. Although it took me back to the posts that were published in 2008 or 2009, I didn’t mind. It’s not like all the good posts are published recently. Older posts can still amuse you or be helpful for you.

So, how does this Random Post thing works? Just log in to your account and visit the blog you want to explore. Make sure the blog you’re gonna explore is also hosted on When you are at the destination blog, just simply click “Random Post” from the floating admin bar. See the image attached to this post. Got it?

For Bloggers

If you are a blogger at, you can make it easier for your readers who aren’t registered on to view random posts. Just put a big random post button, or just a plain link on your sidebar widget and link it to Make sure you put that “?random” after the ‘/’ (slash) at the end of your blog url. If you use custom domain name, then it would be: Obviously, you should replace ‘aisjournal’ with whatever your domain name is.

To find out a button, search Google Images for web button and you should find some colorful buttons. Edit it on Photoshop or (web-based), upload it to your blog and put it on your blog’s sidebar (or footer) as a text/image widget. Fill in the Image URL field with the link to uploaded image and fill in the Link URL (when the image is clicked) field with the link I described in the above paragraph.

Find out the random post button on my blog for an example. I put it on my sidebar as well so that it is shown on every post of my blog. Clicking on it will lead you to a random post from my blog.

If you need help, let me know in the comments. More WordPress related tips can be found on my blog at

5 thoughts

    1. It works only on blogs (either free or VIP hosting). I have been looking for a way to activate this on self-hosted wordpress. So far, what I have found is a plugin that makes a list of random articles. I haven’t found any way to come up with such link that leads visitors to a random post from the archive. Once I find one, I will sure post about it.

      Thanks for your comment.


    1. Nope. Because if he is here for something specific, he would search it using the search box. While pressing the Random Post button, the reader knows that he’s looking for some random posts from the archive “as” he likes my blog or finds my posts interesting to read.


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