Unless you are a super idiot, you have already understood that I’m talking about different versions of Microsoft’s operating system Windows. It’s very obvious that Microsoft is getting back to its business and its profit is increasing after the release of Windows 7. While it is stupid to compare it with Mac OS X, I have seen some people including David Hewson switching to Windows 7. After my first exploration on Windows 7, I was like blown away and was impatient to install it on my computer.

windows 7 vs windows xp

I test-installed it on a different partition. I checked software compatibility and all the then existing softwares worked properly. So, there was no reason to keep Windows XP Professional on my computer. I removed it and installed windows 7 as my primary operating system (later Ubuntu 10.04 LTS became my favorite and primary operating system and windows 7 took its place as secondary OS).

I believe many people out there made a quick jump into windows seven from windows XP just like me. I saw many blog posts where they said Windows Seven is the best operating system the planet has ever created. 😐 Well, that was perfect to express the excitement properly.

However, after several months of constant using of Windows Seven, I now feel the lack of professionalism in this version of windows. We all know when it is windows, it has to be bothering, annoying with lots of worms, virus alerts, update notifications from individual applications, slower boot-ups, etc. Yet Windows XP had a professional look. There is a difference, in my opinion, between professional and stylish. Windows 7 is a stylish operating system with lots of resource hunger. It is great for PC gamers and home computers. But when it comes to professional work, well, I believe XP is still the best operating system if you want to go with Windows.

While there is an XP mode with Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, I still had troubles with a few softwares. And the worst problem is it doesn’t work well with my video card. Scrolling becomes slower in Firefox (or any other browser) if the site being visited contains lots of media. Trust me, this does not happen when I visit the same site with the same browser on Ubuntu or Windows XP. I don’t know why windows 7 creates such problems with this. I could still go on with this situation because it’s not something very serious. But I’m very tired of its playful environment. They say Mac is full of awesome graphics. Well, it still has its professionalism. So does Ubuntu. And when you talk about Windows family, it’s only XP that has at least the minimum professional environment (if you exclude those alerts, threats, etc).

So, there I am; installed windows XP professional service pack 2 and upgraded to service pack 3 immediately. Right now my computer runs three operating systems. Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) LTS (primary OS), WIndows 7 (used to be secondary) and Windows XP Professional SP 3 (going to be secondary soon).

What operating system do you prefer? If windows, do you think windows 7 is better than XP? Share your thoughts on this topic. By far people have been arguing about the controversial topic of “Windows vs Mac/Linux”. Let’s talk about Windows vs Windows.

Maybe Microsoft does not want us to stick with XP as you can see its IE9 beta does not work on Windows XP. Huh! We don’t even stare at IE, dear Microsoft! 😡

10 thoughts

    1. I do not compare anything with Vista because it was a nightmare for both Microsoft and end users. If Windows XP SP 3 was followed by Windows Seven, Microsoft would have had more market share, as I believe.


  1. Well, when Vista was released an IT magazine commented it was the most successful advertisement for MacOS X with Microsoft’s money!

    Still using XP Pro, no intention of switching to Seven yet.


    1. I think I haven’t slept for quite a long time that’s why the joke is not getting into my head. What did the vista advertisement ultimately ended up being Mac OS X ad? 😕 😦

      I don’t suggest anyone to switch to Seven from XP pro. Microsoft still has support for SP3 and will continue until 2014. However, you may miss the chance to check out latest product from “Microsoft” on your XP (IE9 does not work on XP).


  2. Since this blog is being used to improve your “English writing fluency”, maybe you should correct your errors.

    Other people who are learning English will come here and think that you are writing perfectly and imitate that.

    While your writing is close to being good, it is not up to par with a native speaker’s English.

    So, you need to pay attention to articles…the, a, etc.

    You wrote: “And when you talk about Windows [] family”

    It should be: “the Windows family”

    Also “troubles with a few softwares”

    Should be “trouble with some software”
    “trouble with a few applications”


    1. Hello Megan, thank you very much for your time. I highly appreciate when someone corrects my errors. 🙂

      I hope sometimes you’ll come back to read more posts and correct me if you come through some errors. 🙂 You didn’t include any website URL so I guess you don’t have a blog which makes it a little hard for me to keep up with you.


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