Facebook was down for hours in some regions across the world. Apparently, this is a great pain for hardcore Facebook users. But I say, thanks to whatever created the problem. As Facebook was inaccessible, people must have spent time working on something else rather than useless Facebooking. Who knows, probably thousands of people paid attention to their work/study during the Facebook downtime which ultimately leads us — well, at least me — to think that Facebook kills our valuable time and productivity (or we use Facebook to kill them?).

When Facebook was inaccessible from Bangladesh, most people thought that the government banned it again. However, this was not true. I looked for what service monitoring services such as DownRightNow says, and here it was: “Current Status – Likely Service Disruption.” I was sure that this was not a problem only in Bangladesh when my friend Gini Williams asked me if I was able to log in to Facebook. She lives in New York. So, I understood the problem was global.

The status history of downrightnow also shows us that the service was encountering disruptions since past 3 to 6 hours (while widespread service disruption was 3 hours ahead of 1.23 am, September 23 (GMT +6). A little later, Mashable published a story from what I came to know that it was really a widespread problem; not only in Bangladesh.

While I’m writing this post, Facebook is back. The service was unavailable for about two hours. While Facebook was down, I was thinking of my regular facebook friends. What were they doing? They must have been either sleeping or putting time on studies, works or whatever else they would do if Facebook didn’t exist. That’s when this thought came to my mind.

Certainly, if there was no Facebook, communication might have been a little narrower, but people across the world would be able to make the best use of their time (pointing at Facebook freaks who can’t live without facebook for any single day).

You can take this post as a random thought. The thought that Facebook is killing our time or we are using Facebook to kill our time popped up when I saw my friends were not on Facebook and probably were off to works or studies.

What do you think of this? Do you excessively use Facebook or use moderately just for regular communication purpose? (Spending dozens of hours in farming and mafia war cannot be a communication purpose, for your information 😐 ).

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  1. Good post! I was smiling as I read it because I know several folks who literally can’t live without Facebook. I would like to think that when Facebook was down, they were actually getting some work done. However, I think it’s more likely they were constantly checking Facebook to see if it was back up yet 🙂


    1. They were getting some work done which otherwise they would not do or would put off for later if Facebook was available.


      “It’s more likely they were constantly checking Facebook to see if it was back up yet.”

      .. is true. 😀 Good point.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. I wonder if this made people check Facebook more often to see if it was back up. I’m also curious as to how much these sites cost companies in lost productivity.


    1. I wonder that too. Google puts a simple pacman game on its homepage and surveys begin to find out how much loss of productivity did it cost. No one cares about Facebook that is entirely a loss of productivity unless the user is using it moderately (well, how many users do moderately use Facebook?).


  3. Nice post, Sajib! I check Facebook around 4-5 times throughout the day to check if anyone has posted pictures (I’m all about pictures and photography :)) I think these farm and restaurant games are the reasons why a lot of people spend most of their waking hours hooked to Facebook.


    1. I go to facebook when I’m free. And most of the time, I go there to check out links posted by others as well as their statuses. I don’t deal with any other applications except a few ones for my convenience such as RSS Graffiti.


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