Yes, it’s the first time I went to some theatre to watch movies. I’m pretty good at watching movies when broadcast on movie channels like the HBO or Star Movies (ad free, I love it 🙂 ). I also download movies via torrents and compressed format from different servers. But I’ve had never been to a theatre.

Star Cineplex, situated inside the Basundhara City, the largest shopping mall in South Asia, is the most prestigious and the best theatre across the country. However, still it’s not what you are used to in the United States, Kingdom (add united before that 😐 ) and other countries. As long as it’s Bangladesh, expect it to be least good.

I did not buy ticket for the premiere of The Wolfman. It was the first time the movie is in Bangladesh after it’s released in February 2010. So, media representatives along with many others were invited to the premiere. Luckily, I went to my office yesterday and was proposed to go to the show. I work at a news agency so it was OK for me to go. Since I’m a fond of English movies, I couldn’t but accept the invitation.

We were given a small bag of popcorn and a medium sized one-time glass full of Pepsi before entering the theatre hall. Approximately 15 minutes after our arrival, the movie began. What I liked most about the show is that the shows are followed by our National Anthem showing our national flag on the screen. Everybody stood up in respect of the national flag, so did I. It was a good and quite different feeling, though it’s weird (the feeling, not the anthem). I’m wondering if it happens in every theatre of every country as well.

As the movie started, many began to complain that it was not the original print. I agreed. The print quality was poor and it seemed like a hall-print. But I was thrilled with the sound quality. And the print was fine with me. So, I just relaxed and watched the movie.

Another thing I enjoyed in the theatre is that whenever a suspenseful scene is showing, the viewers go silent and sort of hold their breaths. It’s pin-drop silence inside. But at the end of suspense, after the attack of the beast or a disappointment of seeing nothing unusual, everybody relaxes. On the contrary, everyone is thrilled. It’s better to be thrilled with a lot of people around than being thrilled alone in my room staring at my widescreen monitor. It’s definitely better. 😀

The Movie

In honest speaking, I have to say it wasn’t a waste of time. For me, it wasn’t only because I experienced theatre for the first time, but also the sound effect and cinematography of the movie was simply great. But those who are thinking of watching an amazing movie, The Wolfman isn’t perfect for them. Of course, from a traditional point of view, The Wolfman brings a good old story. It’s like a regular movie. The regular vampire story. A vampire (Wolfman, in the movie) bites a human and on the next full moon this affected person turns into that beast. Plain old story. But cinematography and sound effect is good so I still recommend you watching it.

the wolfman

the wolfman

the wolfman

The movie is actually a remake of the original movie of the same name that was released back in 1941. The storyline is quite different and as you can well guess, the screenplay is a whole lot better than the old one. If you like horror movie and love these vampire types of films, The Wolfman will please you. Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro did a great job in the movie. And if you watched the wolfman 1941 edition, this remake is a must watch for you. See how advance the film industry has become. 😀

Here’s a short video for you:

It was a good evening, indeed. Although I felt that this wasn’t the real theatre experience (that doesn’t exist here in Bangladesh 😐 ), but I managed to ‘like’ theatre just because of its surrounded sound effect. That does make the experience of watching a movie better.

So, what movie have you watched lately in theatres?

6 thoughts

  1. Whoa. You download movies at that internet speed?

    I don’t enjoy going to the theatre. We have theatre-like auditoriums in our university where there’s always some movie playing. But, I have never been to any.


    1. Users who use Internet connections (mainly broadband users) with about 20-30 kilobytes per second do download movies. I never used broadband but my dial-up connection had “Unlimited data plan” so I did download some movies. Now there is no unlimited data plan in mobile Internet service providers so I just had to stop downloading. It takes one or two nights (depending on the size and speed, which is not stable) to complete download.

      Theatre-like auditorium and theatre — both provide different experience, I guess. 🙂 So, you may just give it a try. 😀


    1. The movie is bad because of its old story. But compared to the 1941 version of the movie, this is definitely a great improvement. Those who watched the old one should watch this one as well.

      The movie is worth watching if you have some spare time ‘not expecting to watch something extraordinary and different’. 😀


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