Winter is my favorite season. Not only its view reflected on earth that pleases me, but also the feeling of winter is quite different from any other season. No matter what country you live in, in winter, your country takes a different look and feel. That’s what I’m talking about.

winter in Bangladesh
A winter's view in Bangladesh found on the Internet.

About 2 days ago, here in Bangladesh, we felt the touch of winter. All on a sudden, it was raining. In this season, rain is unusual. There is a belief that seasonal change in Bangladesh occurs after an unexpected rain. So, people began to predict that the winter was here. Actually, the winter was here. The next morning, there was dense fog out there. I could draw pictures of last year’s winter from my memory. The foggy weather and people’s early arrival at home do make us feel that the winter is here.

But it’s not. According to Bangla Calendar, winter is still more than one months away. I didn’t know that, though. I thought it was the winter season. I just checked the newspaper and saw that it’s still late autumn. Winter is far away.

Yesterday was hot. The sun made us feel that winter isn’t here yet. Personally, I hate sunny days. Of course, I know that sun is an important part of human life 😐 But still I like clouds or cold weather with no rain. Actually, I like rains but raining over here in Bangladesh brings great troubles and sufferings to our life so I don’t expect raining.

For me, winter has lots and lots of sweet memories. Most of them are back in my village. No, I didn’t grow up in village. I was born in the city and grew up in here. I still live in the house I was born in. 😀 But I used to go to my village almost every winter. And the memory of those winter days in my village does take me back to the past.

When talking about winter in Bangladesh, the first thing you’ll hear is about various kinds of breads and cakes prepared in villages. I don’t have too many good memories with foods. 😉 But I have memories of foggy morning and delightful day with friendly people in the village haat (market).

My board examination is approaching near. I guess the winter will be over when my examination ends (in February). So, I may have to spend this winter in the city. It’s okay, though. The relatives I enjoyed staying and hanging out with in the village in winter days are now living abroad. So, village is no fun anyway. I love traveling, by the way. I may just take a trip to somewhere outside the city right after my exams. Hope I’ll be able to manage some money for the trip. 🙂

Do you have anything memorable with winter? Do you mind sharing it with me in the comments? Why not post a comment, then?

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8 thoughts

  1. The cool breeze of November reminds me of my wedding day. My husband and I tied the knot on the 16th, so our anniversary is just around the corner 🙂

    For us here in the United Arab Emirates, temperatures have started to come down, which basically means that we can go out for a walk and return home fresh and smiling (unlike in the past few months of summer where we come home breathless and sticky. Eww)

    Oh, and good luck on your exams!


  2. I love winter! Here in Boston, Massachusetts, it can get pretty cold and snow alot, but the snow looks so pretty on the trees. There is nothing like being outside right after a snowfall, with the sun shining. I love to snowshoe in the winter.

    I love winter also because it means the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas are here.

    I’m not a big fan of summer, since it’s so hot.


    1. I hate summer. I’m curious to experience how it feels when it snows. Here it doesn’t snow at all. But I have a goal to move abroad so if I have that chance (and luck) then maybe I’ll enjoy snowing as well. 🙂


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