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Two days ago, I watched what they named Titanic II. After watching it for one and half an hour, which is its runtime, I got to say I just wasted some time out of my life. People watch movies or other television shows for recreation. But watching Titanic 2 was a bad experience. I watched it in my room during late night. But my sacrifice of sleep to watch it has gone in vain. That’s because they made a terrible movie and wasted a lot of money spent in the making of it.

Titanic 2

Let me tell you in details why I hated the movie. The opening scene didn’t refer to anything like ship or the plot of the movie. I had to wait a few moments before I actually saw the vessel of Titanic II. All on a sudden, the Titanic II was shown and I came to know that, as the story suggests, on the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s departure, this Titanic II has been made and set to sail off to mark the history. In the meantime, the viewers are informed that the ship was created in a hurry so that the anniversary date isn’t missed out. The rush in creating the vessel may have left it insufficient to survive in the middle of Atlantic, in case it would have to.

The Titanic 2 departs soon after that while the viewers come to know about some tsunamis and collapse of some large icebergs.Β  The ship is warned in advance that it may face the tsunami. Then, the history repeats itself in a different way. The tsunami throws a large iceberg into the ship and that’s how it starts capsizing. Looked like icebergs are born enemies of Titanic(s). Why the director didn’t think of some other way to destroy the ship? I thought to myself when this happens on the screen.

Well, wait! Why am I telling you the storyline? You can find out the story of Titanic II on many sites out there. I just want to tell my awful experience watching it. So, let’s begin that part.

The bad sides (No good sides, sorry)

The first thing I noticed and disliked is that the story goes at high-speed. I know this might sound weird to you. But it’s true. Everything happens at lightning’s speed. You don’t have too much time to realize and feel what’s happening on the screen. Before you can feel the happenings, the movie goes far onto a new scene so you just can’t digest.

The story of the movie is good enough. But I don’t certify it yet because of its name. Titanic II; it makes me think of James Cameron’s Titanic and then compare the latest one with that. I know it’s impossible to film a movie just like Titanic. But the Titanic II goes nowhere near that. Just because of the name of the movie, it fails.

Second, the cinematography sucks. On many scenes, you’ll be feeling that you’re watching an animation movie. I mean, really. You don’t have to be a movie freak to catch the fake scenes. Just sit down and watch Titanic II, and you’ll be pissed off at how funny the fake scenes look.

Just two screenshots from the movie:

Titanic II

Titanic 2

If you look closely, you’ll see they look fake. If you could watch it in motion, you’d better understand how much these scenes suck! Well, I know they are originally fake. But did James Cameron’s Titanic look fake at all? Did you feel that the ship was fake and the movie was shot in a studio for a single moment in Titanic? No, right? But the Titanic II makes you feel that it’s shot in a studio and therefore it doesn’t touch your mind. You don’t even see many people on board.

Thirdly, there is no love story. Epic love story of Jack and Rose is something that touches mind as well as the fate of over a thousand people on board of the Titanic does. But the Titanic II doesn’t have any love story like that. Wait, there is no time for the ship itself; let alone love story.

It’s true that the director tried hard to create a new plot but keep the old format; and sadly he failed. This could be a better movie with a different name and some minor changes here and there. If you have some time to watch a great movie, don’t go for the Titanic II. On the other hand, if you’re just too curious to check out what’s up with the latest Titanic buddy, you can try out Titanic II but your dissatisfaction is guaranteed.

As Titanic II intended to be a sequel to Titanic, it drowned again.

You can read this quick review of Titanic II published on Flim Critic.

It’s your turn

Have you watched Titanic II? What do you say about it? If you haven’t watched yet, are you still curious to watch it? If so, why? Let me know in the comments below.

8 thoughts

  1. Those are some really bad CGI stuff for a movie! Animated movies for kids provide better visuals πŸ™‚

    One of the reviewers mention, “It isn’t long before panic sets in and the masses start to run. Anywhere, everywhere. And what a sight! One great scene has one person after another tripping on the last step of a grand staircase. I think it claims more victims than the tsunami.”

    Thank you for reviewing this movie and saving us from losing precious time πŸ™‚


    1. You’re welcome. Not for a single moment I felt the message or scent of the movie while watching it. Everything goes speedily and the scenes as well as acting look very unrealistic and unprofessional.


  2. I haven’t watched Titanic II and when I heard about it being made I refused to ever consider watching it! How can you even try to make a sequel to that film. It’s just completely demoralisign the credibility of the first one. It would never live up to expectations and therefore was bound to be a failure. Not impressed with Hollywood’s continuous need to reel out rubbish film after rubbish film.


  3. How could they even try to make a sequel to the titanic. When I read the title I thought that the ship somehow came back. I think you are right about the title.


  4. You took the word right out of my mouth. All I can say now is just that movie was a waste of film, time, and money. It Sucked and I lost soo much interest while watching. I could watch the Original Titanic movie a billion times and it will always touch my heart. The Director was a fool an a disgrace to both The Movie Business and to the Great film of the 1st Titanic and the Lives that were lost. They can make so many other Titanic movies with the number 3, 4, or even 5 after the name… But none will ever be Greater or more Valuable than Original Titanic.


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