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It’s damn hard to remember when was the first time I paid a visit to Wikipedia. But one thing is for sure, wikipedia gradually turned out to be my most favorite site on the web as it is helpful almost every time I need a piece of information. I don’t think there is any other website such as wikipedia which helps us know about almost anything in and outside the world.

What I love most about wikipedia is not only its structure of presentation but also its interlinking feature that makes me learn more than I go there for. When I go to wikipedia to learn about one specific topic, this interlinking feature drives me to learn many more things. The way articles are organized is very user-friendly is easy to understand, you have to admit. We all know it’s a contribution of lots and lots of volunteers all around the world. But someone must have taken the initiative to make this happen. And this brilliant step was taken by the wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales.

What’s more exciting about wikipedia is that it doesn’t cost us a cent. Not even does it show a piece of advertisement that would either slow down the loading time or interrupt our study. Wikipedia is free of charge and is living on the community that actually made Wikipedia possible. You are a part of the community even if you didn’t write any single piece of article for the site. It’s a community creation and dedicated to the community around the world, unlike any other commercial site to date.

Although it’s not the contribution of Jimmy Wales alone, I still thank him for his superb plan and idea. Today, this Jimmy Wales needs our help. Or maybe better said Wikipedia needs our help. Whenever you need certain information about anything and everything, you just go to wikipedia and you get plenty of information. Definitely more than you’d wish for. Wikipedia is there whenever you need it. But now, wikipedia needs our help and support. Shouldn’t we be there?

Every year this time, Wikipedia seeks a little bit of support from all of us. Here’s the appeal from Jimmy Wales, the wikipedia founder, copy-pasted from Wikimedia Foundation’s website.

An appeal from Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales


I got a lot of funny looks ten years ago when I started talking to people about Wikipedia.

Let’s just say some people were skeptical of the notion that volunteers from all across the world could come together to create a remarkable pool of human knowledge – all for the simple purpose of sharing.

No ads. No agenda. No strings attached.

A decade after its founding, nearly 400 million people use Wikipedia and its sister sites every month – almost a third of the Internet-connected world.

It is the 5th most popular website in the world but Wikipedia isn’t anything like a commercial website. It is a community creation, written by volunteers making one entry at a time. You are part of our community. And I’m writing today to ask you to protect and sustain Wikipedia.

Together, we can keep it free of charge and free of advertising. We can keep it open – you can use the information in Wikipedia any way you want. We can keep it growing – spreading knowledge everywhere, and inviting participation from everyone.

Each year at this time, we reach out to ask you and others all across the Wikimedia community to help sustain our joint enterprise with a modest donation of $20, $35, $50 or more.

If you value Wikipedia as a source of information – and a source of inspiration – I hope you’ll choose to act right now.

All the best,
Jimmy Wales
Founder, Wikipedia

P.S. Wikipedia is about the power of people like us to do extraordinary things. People like us write Wikipedia, one word at a time. People like us fund it, one donation at a time. It’s proof of our collective potential to change the world.

Click this link to donate.

Be there for Wikipedia

Because I live in a PayPal unsupported country and I don’t have a credit card, I’m unable to make any donation this year. And I hope that my readers, who have a PayPal account or own a credit card will make the donation right away. You can donate any amount you want. There are other ways to donate, you can read about it here.

Please also take the time to share this on twitter, Facebook and with your friends so that Wikimedia Foundation gets a good amount of donation this year. I hope you will act responsibly at this time when one of your best friends on the web needs you. 🙂

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