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When I first bought my computer, it came with a keyboard that was hard. I mean, the keys were hard to push and it used to create problems when I typed. As you might already know that I do some writing jobs, I need to type a lot. A keyboard with hard keys was the main obstacle in my typing flow. Sometimes I used to go to my office just to type on a better, smoother and “user-friendly” keyboard! I know it’s crazy. Don’t give my blog that look! I’d do some hard work to make sure my work goes in comfort.

Last Friday, without any planning, a new keyboard was bought. My sister’s husband went to the computer market (Locally known as IDB [Linked to a Picture], number 1 preference for computer accessories). He went there to buy an LED monitor. I chose the monitor earlier. It was a Samsung 18.5″ LED Monitor. It cost him 10,300 BDT (about $148 in U.S. Currency). Then before leaving the market, a keyboard was bought. 😀

I personally prefer Apple Keyboards but they cost just unfairly too much. So, I had to take a look at some of the locally popular brands including Perfect, A4Tech, etc. My old keyboard’s brand name was “PERFECT”, so I didn’t even stare at another perfect. My sister has a comfortable keyboard and it is A4Tech. So, I chose an A4Tech.

I thought that now I’d be able to type better and smoother with more comfort. The box of the keyboard reads: ComfortKeys. But I was wrong. Like the title of this post says, I probably have a bad luck with keyboards. After coming back home and connecting the keyboard with my computer, I figured out that this keyboard was weirdly ‘ultra-soft’. It’s just too comfortable to type. You just touch a key and it’s pressed. 😮 I know it has started to sound crazy again. I told you not to give my blog that look!

If you ever used a laptop, (not the Macbook ones) you’d know how different laptop keyboards are compared to regular desktop keyboards. My new keyboard was more like a laptop keyboard. Like I said, it is ultra-soft. For some people, it will definitely act like superb user-friendly. But it’s a little problem for me as I’m used to typing in a little harder and deeper keys. Take a look at the picture below and you’ll realize why I’m saying that you just need to touch a key to have it pressed!

Sharp-eyed people probably don’t need better pictures to understand what’s going on. 😀

The problem I’m facing with this ultra-soft keyboard is kind of new to me. I can’t type fast. Whenever my typing speed reaches faster, I begin to press unwanted keys. You know what I mean. But I’m sure over time I’ll get used to it as well. I’m just afraid that I might get used to this keyboard and later feel uncomfortable with the regular ones!

Pray for me. I don’t like bad luck at all!

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