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Again, I changed the theme of my blog just because I madly love the font called Georgia or anything that even looks like Georgia. I know many other people out there do love this font because it’s really amazing. And I wanted this font to be shown across my blog. This newly activated theme seemed perfect for my blog. And I didn’t delay to activate it.

I’m kind of blown away with the number of themes currently has in its gallery. When I first signed up for WordPress, probably two or three years ago, there was a small number of themes. As you know won’t let us upload our own themes for technical reason (happily, I now know the reason), a small number of themes was a fairly negative side of Now, has a separate theme team working on new themes and updating the old ones. Like many other bloggers, I’m thrilled at the quality of new theme releases in gallery and repository for self-hosted blogs.

But I couldn’t switch to many themes I liked because of main column width. The maximum size of image width was 580 pixels and most new themes come with a narrower main column. That’s why I couldn’t switch to a new theme immediately although I liked them very much.

Luckily, this newly activated theme’s main column width is wider and it doesn’t create any problems with my older uploaded and attached images. That’s why I’m with Inuit Types! And the awesome typography of this theme makes my blog posts more readable and gorgeous!

Post overhaul?

A design overhaul has been made in this blog. But I was thinking about a post overhaul. Doesn’t make any sense, does it? Well, when I created this blog, I planned to write about my everyday life and the happenings around me. But today, looking back, it seems that most of my posts are more than a regular journal and have an average length of about 400 words. I don’t know why each time I end up writing a lengthy post putting more thoughts into it. Maybe I’m just afraid that since I’m not a superstar or a celebrity, people will get bored to read my everyday happenings. And I don’t want to lose readers. Probably that’s why I haven’t been writing about my everyday life here.

I still care my readers and don’t wanna lose them. But I’m gonna be a little more personal this time. I’ll write posts more often then I used to. And my posts will reflect part of my life. Although I sometimes logged in to WordPress mobile site (located at, I didn’t publish many posts from there. WordPress mobile site is a very useful and user-friendly way to post to your blog while you’re on the go. However, I really think there should be a checkbox to choose categories while posting from WP mobile site. I hope will take this into consideration.

Let me know what you think about my new design and my thoughts about a ‘post overhaul’. I’m eagerly waiting for your response.

8 thoughts

    1. Yea, never forgot that you’re very much into photography. 😀 I wish I had a camera. Don’t feel good in mobile phone photography, you know.

      And sometimes I don’t find any relevant pictures to add, like this post.


  1. Love the new format. I’ve been meaning to change my blog’s theme, but am overwhelmed with all the choices we now have. Reading your blog has given me the impetus to start looking at those new thems. Thanks!


    1. In Appearance > Themes menu, you just select the “Recently Added” (or something similar) tab and you’ll see the amazing ones. I don’t really like old ones except Mistylook and Vigilance. These two are great! I liked my former theme iNove too. That has a professional look. But I preferred something more gorgeous especially with Georgia-type font. Therefore, this theme. 🙂


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