Again, in my English exam, I was asked about my future plan. But this time, I was brave enough to be straightforward in my answer!

Do you remember the article I wrote for The Daily Star magazine Star Campus titled “The Right English“? If not, click the link to read now. (I expressed my feelings here on this blog after that article got published.) I wrote it during my pre-test examination about two months ago. In that article, I wrote that most students in Bangladesh don’t write their actual aim in life in English exams when they are asked to write about their “Aim in Life”. In fact, in secondary education, students are taught in a way that makes memorizing and answering from the memory a habit. Good that I’m no good at memorizing stuffs so I have to write based on my own words. But most students aren’t capable of writing from their own because they are taught to memorize whatever their books offer to them. As a result, it becomes hard for them.

The Daily Star

On my Pre-Test examination, I was asked to write what I intended to do after my SSC examination and I wrote something that I never had intended to do. I admitted it in my article. But why am I telling you all these again? Well, that’s because today I attended English Second Paper examination on my Model Test Exam.

Today, there was a question titled “Write a Composition in about 250 words about “Your Future Plan in Life”. I know most students wrote whatever was in the book. I don’t know what is in the book because I never read this composition in the book. I think I have become brave and somewhat straightforward in my exam script because I wrote exactly what I want to be: a web developer.

I will not go into details why I chose to be a web developer by profession (and a part-time journalist, that I didn’t write, though). I’m just thinking what would be the result of becoming so straightforward in exam script? Poor marks? Maybe. I just can’t follow the books when it comes to writing composition based on own experience and plans.

Remember the time you wrote paragraph or essay about Shat Gambuj Mosque in Bagerhat titled “My Recent Visit to A Place of Historical Interest”? I think that’s the funniest essay in the book. If you actually have never been to Bagerhat Shat Gambuj Mosque, which you are writing about, then you’re writing a total lie!

It’s fairly weird, though!

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4 thoughts

  1. I believe that in our educational system, the creativity of a student is killed when a child starts to go to a school. It is always taught how to get brilliant marks and become 1st in exams, not that how to become creative…
    Anyway, I am not properly but may be a little bit straight forward in my exam scripts, I don’t like to memorize anything. I do remember one thing it was my junior scholarship exam, I wrote the composition “A journey by bus” based on my practical experience of going Sylhet through bus. And I think every student should write based on practical experiences, but it the fault of our educational system that students don’t do it.
    One more thing is that, there is nothing to say about the funniest compositions and paragraphs of the world like “My Recent Visit to A Place of Historical Interest”…..


    1. First comment in my blog, right?

      Too bad that you’re on your computer but not logged on Yahoo Messenger. 😡

      I’m much like you; never wrote from books. However, when I get to write about “A Journey By Boat/Train I enjoyed”, I’m kind of forced to write from imagination. 😐

      Be regular in commenting, okay? 😡


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