The other day, my mom told me that this Assange guy behind WikiLeaks had definitely done a brave and praiseworthy job. But what in return would he get? He would end up being brutally punished in the jail. By now you know I’m talking of a time before Assange was arrested. I replied, ‘Sometimes legendary people are born in the world. They are much like godsend who do not really care their own lives and take up the incredible steps to do some miracles. This WikiLeaks guy is such a guy. He must have known that he might end up being in prison. But he didn’t step back for that. He wanted to open up the truth, and he did it. Now WikiLeaks is in a position that it might be impossible for any government to stop it.

And that news makes me happy.

I’m not so political; meaning that I don’t care much about politics and the current world. But certain things do make me think. WikiLeaks exposes the truth and I like that because this is a great idea to open up the real face behind those big talkers. I also believe that when everything is likely to be open, the chances of corruptions decrease. At the end of the day, you know that all politicians do fear what they call the general people. They might not care you a lot when you are alone. But when the entire nation is united, they do fear. And when something like WikiLeaks releases all the truth behind the bars, the nation knows what to do.

Without going into much details, let me just say in plain words that I fully support WikiLeaks and its activities. I know that Assange won’t be released that quick and he’ll have to forebear a lot of torture. Yet I salute him for what he did. And I wish a big success to his giant project, WikiLeaks. At the same time I blame Amazon, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and everyone who is trying to make it difficult for WikiLeaks to get financial support from millions of people around the globe. Shame on you, guys!

Let me know what you think about WikiLeaks and the founder being arrested. Also cast a vote whether or not you support this project.

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  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I noticed on your sidebar you’re working on odesk. The agreement changed there changed, right?

    I haven’t been working there since last year so I don’t really know what’s new on odesk.


    1. You’re welcome. My story is quite different. I joined oDesk quite a long before but I haven’t been working on it actually. Since past few days I got active there.


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