WikileaksI just read this news that the U.S. Military has banned any removable disks including USB drives on all systems, servers and stand-alone machines on Department of Defense classified networks. The reason they banned removable disks is that they want to make sure that no other data is leaked. So, how would they know if removable disk was used to steal data?

According to leading technology news blog Mashable, “This order comes a few months after a revelation by one private that he downloaded hundreds of thousands of files to a CD, labeled the disk “Lady Gaga” and turned it over to WikiLeaks.” The files that private downloaded contained infamous footage of an Afghanistan helicopter attack and more than 250,000 cables. So, yes, we see there’s a fair reason for the Military officials to cease use of such removable disks and USB devices. But, why?

I know Military files should be kept in a secured place and they should not be open in public. But when we see some information like the recent major leaks by WikiLeaks, we wish to know more because, if WikiLeaks is correct, the officials involved are doing injustice and unfair. Like WikiLeaks says, I believe that when there’s transparency in government and any other organization/department’s activities, the chance for corruption reduces. Since U.S. Military is banning the use of removable disks, I guess that they have done worst injustices and there are worse things under the hood.

I’m curious to know what’s inside that encrypted file being downloaded to over millions of computers via peer-to-peer network. At the same time, I wish they don’t torture Julian Assange too much. I’m convinced to believe that they won’t kill him. Because the government itself is concerned of that encrypted file already available in millions of personal computers and different file hosting servers.

What I also liked is the activity of Anonymous group of hackers called Coldblood. They said that they were not actually a group of hackers. They in fact got together online to get their job done, which is obviously attacking the website of big companies such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal blog, etc. I don’t support hacking or something like this. But I supported the recent attacks because those companies, PayPal, Visa, etc, blocked their media of finance for WikiLeaks. Is that because they are under government’s pressure? Or they personally hate WikiLeaks?

My opinion about WikiLeaks is obvious. I like and support WikiLeaks. I strongly believe that this won’t end anytime soon. And I don’t think that this should.

So, tell me, do you support wikileaks? Vote here.

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