Julian Assange at New Media Days 09 in Copenhagen.
Image via Wikipedia

TIME just declared Mark Zuckerberg as Person of the Year 2010. Is it influenced by the movie The Social Network? Or is it because the one(s) who made the final decision inside TIME love(s) hanging on Facebook? Look, whatever it is, it disappoints me very badly. I think I’m losing my ‘likeness’ on TIME.

Once I deny the TIME’s Person of the Year 2010, what I readily get asked is who then I support to be the Person of the Year? Well, it’s obvious in my headline. Did you read it? I’m talking about Julian Assange, the man behind WikiLeaks. What the hell! Did Facebook create as buzz as WikiLeaks did? Did Facebook do anything anywhere near like what WikiLeaks did? I don’t care whether you support WikiLeaks or not, but I’m a hardcore supporter of WikiLeaks because I believe what governments and other authorities are doing should be open and publicly accessible. WikiLeaks has done a great, if not the greatest done, in many years. Hats off to Julian Assange, his team and lots of people who anonymously helped the world know the truth.

And there, TIME chooses Facebook Zuckerberg as the Person of the Year. Sigh. I never knew Facebook got TIME as well. I admit that Facebook has create a revolution in the way the world communicates. But if you compare it with what WikiLeaks has done, remember that Julian Assange was in the top of the list on public vote, do you still think Zuckerberg deserves that place?

I say, a tough no.

Is there anyone in the crowd who denies this and believes Julian Assange deserves to be the Person of the Year 2010? Say something if there are any.


This might be irrelevant, but if you’re interested, you can take a look at where all those 250,000 secret cables are stored and where WikiLeaks is being run from. This place is in Sweden. You can see the photos of WikiLeaks’ place here on this post.

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