This is yet another post I’m writing wondering if Safari is still better than Internet Explorer when the IE’s latest beta turns out to be the best on HTML5, for what Apple is fighting hard.

For a moment, let’s say there are no other browsers on the market. Firefox, Google Chrome (which later turned out to be a complete OS!), Opera, etc no other browser exists. It’s just default Internet Explorer on PC and Safari on Mac. Now, which of them is the better best?

safari vs ieWell, I’m not really playing yet another controversy whether Mac is better than PC. Experts know that quite well. Today, most people compare Firefox with Chrome. But we kind of forgot about Internet Explorer. I believe most up-to-date users on Windows don’t run Internet Explorer at all. They either choose Firefox or stick with Google Chrome. But no IE. Since I don’t know a lot of Mac users, I can’t say if Mac users are happy with their built-in default browser, Safari. But so far, I’ve seen everybody using Firefox and a few of them running Chrome. No safari yet. So, the point is, is Apple still better than Microsoft when it comes to browsers?

For the time being, let’s forgive Microsoft for Internet Explorer 6 (Version Nightmare). It’s the age dawn of IE9 which claims to unleash the beauty of the web. Now, compare it with the latest version of Safari? Which one do you think is the best?

Wait, there is a problem. Not only using IE is a nightmare, but trying it out is even full of lots of obstacles. You possible can’t run an IE on your Mac unless you’re using Windows on duel boot/BootCamp/Parallels. Most users on Mac don’t run windows so I assume you are unable to try out IE9 Beta. But hey, even Windows users can’t try out IE9 Beta unless they are running the latest edition of their OS, Windows 7.

Huh! Funny, isn’t it? Windows users can’t taste the latest beta of Microsoft’s browser unless they spend some money and upgrade their system to the latest one, which is — despite being better than Vista, nightmare edition of Windows — incompatible with some software, games and built-in graphics cards. Right now I’m on a Windows 7 machine but I also have XP installed. Most software and games run well on XP with my built-in graphics card.

But, I haven’t yet tried the IE9 Beta because if I upgrade the browser to its latest beta, it’ll debut another level of the game I call “Microsoft Real-Life Nightmare” to bring it back to the 8th full version of IE. Although the Microsoft personnel claims it not to be that hard, I don’t wanna take all of that mess just to try out a newer version of Internet Explorer, which I last used (regularly) in 2008.

Getting back to my point, I would say that when I run a Safari on my windows, most people say it takes up a lot of resources. Why is that? I don’t know. But I think maybe it’s because Safari is better compatible with Mac machines.

So, what’s the bottom line? Microsoft makes it hard to try out their latest version of browser even on its own system. I don’t really care how awesome the latest beta is, I would rather choose Safari if there were no other browsers in the market.

Good that there is; therefore, I choose Firefox.

So, what do you think? Is Safari better than IE (since IE doesn’t run on Mac, let’s make the comparison on a Windows machine)? What is your personal choice between the two?


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