First of all, Happy New Year to everyone who’s reading this post. I wish you live a happy, healthy and successful life in 2011!

I’m not really into these New Year resolution things because I don’t think they work. However, as there is a tradition of having resolutions for the New Year, I was thinking why not list up what I wish to achieve in the New Year. Hence, I’m writing this post.

Before you move on to my list of resolutions, let me assure you one thing that most of my New Year resolutions are High-Definition! 😉 So, please don’t give my blog that odd look. 😀

Resolution Gadgets

Really, I love gadgets despite the fact that I hardly own one. Despite my desktop computer, the only gadget I own is my Nokia handset. Obviously, I don’t own any other gadgets because I can’t afford them. But here’s a list of gadgets I wish to own in the year of 2011.

Laptop/MacBook Pro

I’m not really in a need of a MacBook Pro. I will buy a MacBook Pro for sure. But as of now, I can get my regular works done on a regular laptop. So, what I really need is a laptop, not specifically a MacBook Pro. Since it’s on top of my wishlist, I will definitely buy a MacBook Pro instead of a regular laptop if I can afford one.

macbook pro vs windows 7 laptop

Reason: Here in Bangladesh, the most common problem in everyday life is electricity disruption due to shortage of production than demand. It’s called load-shedding. In warm days, which stays usually 9 to 10 months a year here in Bangladesh, load-shedding occurs as many as 8 to 10 times every single day. Each load-shedding session is 1 hour. So, you stay out of electricity minimum 8 to 10 hours every day. Imagine how you work on a desktop computer without alternative power source which is very unlikely to be available in home computers. Therefore, I need a laptop like many other people here; and MacBook Pro is my favorite one.

Digital Camera/DSLR

I owned a camera when I was 13 or 14. It wasn’t a digital camera. It used to have films (reel). I was really happy with it because at that time digital camera wasn’t as widely available and popular as of today. But as you know, it’s really costly to do photography with film cameras. So, I had to give up one day. Since then, I have been wishing for a digital camera.

In recent years, I have been with a few professional photographers. One particular of them is my boss (not photography boss, he’s my editor on His name is Hassan Bipul and I really like his shots. He catches extraordinary frames from ordinary places where apparently there is nothing to take shot of. I have been a fan of DSLR camera because of how these cameras function. SLR, to be even more specific, is what I would like to have; but I cannot afford that. I cannot afford a DSLR either. At least, not anytime soon. So, in camera section, I would go for a regular point-and-shoot digital camera.

sony cybershot w350

Above is the photo of my current choice for digital camera that I might buy within next 12 months. It’s a Sony Cybershot W350 point-and-shoot digital camera with 14.1 Megapixels with 720p HD movie recording and Sweep Panorama technology. Click here to find out more specification about this gadget and let me know if you have anything to suggest about it. You may want to know that I’m a passionate photographer that isn’t yet thinking of making money from his shots. 😉

Resolution Study

2011 is going to be an important year in my educational life because two important things in my life are going to happen in this year. One is the SSC examination and the other one is college admission. My resolutions are:

Impressive Result in SSC

Although chances are low because I don’t think I’m a capable student of making an impressive result, I do study hard and pray and hope for a success in SSC examination with an impressive result which will help me build my career in a better way.

Admission in a good College

It’s you who have to understand what I mean by good college. Some say, renowned college isn’t enough for real education. It’s the student (myself) who has to study hard and achieve knowledge. Well, I believe colleges play an important role in the process because it’s also the system you are taught in. If the system is right, you are taught right. If the system is wrong, you probably aren’t taught how to make the best use of your brain.

Resolution Home

It all comes to the house I live in. It’s not a big one, not is it an awesome place. But what’s more important is it’s our house and it’s us who have to build it better. So, I put a few things regarding my home in my New Year resolution, too. Note that these resolutions are obviously not HD! 😀 Here they are:

Painting the walls

Yep, they look really horrible. So, I gotta paint them as soon as possible. I wanted to paint them before the New Year but for unavoidable reasons, I couldn’t. Thus, it falls into the New Year resolution.

Furnishing the rooms

No big deal. Just a few furnishing stuffs to buy such as vessels. It’s good to make home look better, isn’t it? 🙂

Resolution Career

These are again important part of our resolution and I’m not sure if they are HD or not. Let’s see them.

Web Development

Learning PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and other web programming language to develop websites is something I want to learn as soon as my SSC examinations are over. I’m familiar with HTML and a little bit of CSS, but I want to go advance. I know, it’s quite a lengthy process. But I’ll start becoming a web developer and I hope that by the end of 2011, I will be a web developer working for some firm. Besides website development, I’d also learn Web Application development and other programming. But I think that’s not gonna happen in 2011. So, PHP, MySQL, Javascript etc are in the resolution.

English Writing

English writingI’m not sure if this falls into the category of career, but I really love writing in English. I like journalism that’s why I’m involved with it. But I like writing in English and I’m not yet capable of writing for English newspaper or magazine. I will try hard to improve my English writing (and speaking, if I get someone to talk to) skill throughout 2011 as I’m interesting in writing reports and sometimes fictions in English.

What’s your resolution?

Or maybe better said, what are your resolutions? Perhaps there are more things I want to achieve or get done in the year of 2011; but I cannot remember any of them right now. I don’t think they are so important to be mentioned. So, I’m finishing it here hoping that you will post a comment letting me know about your New Year resolutions.

Don’t mix up your New Year resolution with your wishlist. Maybe it’s something that you want to achieve or get done within the New Year. 🙂

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  1. There’s something very powerful about writing down your resolutions. There’s something extra powerful about making your resolutions public. Talk about accountability!

    Good luck Sajib. I have no doubt that you’ll succeed.

    Happy New Year!

    Nancy 🙂


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