nokia 5130I owned a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic. I don’t listen to musics that much; but I used the phone for all my Internet related tasks such as checking my email, doing quick research on Google and Wikipedia using built-in Opera Mini browser and sometimes keeping up with friends using eBuddy mobile messenger.

But it is history as of now. Yesterday, my mobile set literally died.

I woke up in the morning when my friend called me over my mobile. After the short conversation, I put the mobile underneath my pillow and went to bathroom. After that, I noticed that my handset was gone. I kept looking for it here and there. I was quite pissed off to have such trouble in the beginning of the day. I didn’t go to any other room since I woke up so there was no chance of my phone getting into other rooms. Still I bothered searching for it all over the house. But no luck. I told my mother that my handset was missing. She told me arrogantly that there were no thieves by that morning.

I gave up even before asking her to help me find my mobile. Where would it go from my bed? I searched the entire room, including showcase and almirahs but didn’t find the phone.

I then took my mother’s handset and dialed my number. It was ringing but no sound. I recalled I activated silent and vibration mode on my phone when I went to sleep the previous night. Sighs! Still I kept searching for the vibration here and there with a torchlight. But luck didn’t respond at all. 😐

After about 10 minutes of FBI-type searching, my mother came to my room and asked if I had found the mobile. I replied in the negative and she then seemed a little bit worried. She told me to dial my phone. I retried dialing the phone but this time it wasn’t ringing. I was kind of shocked. The battery was fully recharged so there was no chance of the phone being dead. Why wouldn’t it connect? I told her that the phone is unavailable but it was ringing just a few minutes ago.

I kept on looking for it before finally my mom found it in the veranda, drowned in a bucket along with bed sheet in hot water with detergent powder. 😐 I looked at it for a moment. I didn’t even notice that my bed sheet was gone. I took not more than a moment to realize what had happened.

When I was in the bathroom, my mother came by my room and changed the bed sheet. When she carried away the bed sheet, my handset was inside it. She didn’t bother to notice if there was anything else being held.

This way, the mystery of my missing mobile was dramatically solved. 😐

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic
I used Nokia 5130 for photography purpose, too, as I am interested in photography.

Afterwards, I went to a mobile servicing center where they said all the connections was damaged because of hot water and fully charged battery. The power sparked when the set was underwater. So, it would take them some time and cost 300 BDT to fix this. The mobile was expensive (for me) and had many functions including internet modem so I told them to fix it. They were still uncertain whether or not the display was all right.

Later in the afternoon, I went to the servicing center when they returned the handset telling that it was permanently damaged. I asked if it was their lack of equipments or experts to fix this. They told me that 99% chances are this set will not be fixed. Still, I was welcome to give it another try in another servicing center “for my own satisfaction”.

I haven’t given it to anywhere else but I’m planning to give it another try. But I think the handset is really dead. It was my only media of checking my email, responding and most importantly connecting to the internet on my computer (this is because the WiMAX internet modem sucks and doesn’t function most of the time when this handset was the only alternative). Also, I’m a passionate photographer (photographer without camera) so its 2 MP camera was my only way of taking shots around.

Somebody say RIP to my beloved handset. 😥

Later published on Express Bloggers.

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