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It’s 5.40 AM in the morning and my each and every effort to sleep failed in the last night. Why? I don’t know. I took a little one-hour sleep in the evening but I don’t see the point why it would mess up my nighttime sleep.

Anyway, having nothing else to do, I tried to study a bit but I couldn’t concentrate on any words written on the book. I tried writing but my fingers seemed frozen in the cold weather. So, instead of everything, I turned the PC on and kept staring at the desktop wallpaper for a seriously long time before finally figuring out that I could at least listen to songs at low volume.

I like English movies and English songs. I like to discover new songs that attract me. I think YouTube is the best place to discover new songs. Unfortunate for me, our super-low bandwidth won’t let me smoothly play YouTube videos. So, I need to make a choice before playing a YouTube video or ask friend for recommendation.

Somehow, I ended up downloading this song called Arash feat. Helena – Broken Angel that took over my mind for the past day. It might have been over 50 times that I listened to this song. I don’t know why I like it so much. It’s mainly an Arabic song except for the chorus being in English. I’ve been listening to this continuously since the late night.

If you have a decent connection speed, here I have embedded an HD video for the song Broken Angel I’m talking about. Listen to it; I believe you’ll love.

Listening to this song makes me kind of dream of nothing. Well, actually, nothing. You know, when you dream, there is something in your dream. Maybe that’s something you’re planning to achieve. Maybe it’s something that you want to have but is beyond your capability. Maybe it’s something about how you expect your life to be like. Or maybe it’s just something you’re scared of; better called nightmares.

But when you’re dreaming awake, there must be a subject. playing Broken Angel in the middle of the night pops up some kind of dreams in my head that has no subject. It’s much like applying the dreamy effect on Adobe Photoshop with a blank canvas open. Broken Angel is that dreamy effect. My mind is the blank canvas. It is blank; because I don’t see anything in it during the dream.

Picture this on your mind: a school guy perambulating between two rooms all night long with his computer turned on and a 3.23 minute song playing on endless loop. The lyrics of the song is not understood to him because it’s mostly in Arabic. So, you can’t even say that the lyrics are making him depressed, or dreaming, or literally just confused.

In any case, the song brings me some kind of peace-of-mind thing, you know. So, the endless loop is still going on. Here another song joins my favorite list of English songs.

Let me know what you think about the song.

Image credit: h.kippdelaney

14 thoughts

  1. I don’t yet hear the song … But after reading ur blog i’m tempted to hear it now… Actually i’m not uptodated with english or bangla songs . I only hear the songs , are recommended by my friends .


  2. For me Pure Love gave the same kind of effect… those two songs are just great… and we have to thank Tania for showing them to us(cause i know u got it from her haha) 🙂


    1. Broken Angel is sequel to Pure Love, in case you didn’t know.

      And are you talking about this song? No I didn’t get it from her. You see this post was written on January 2011 when I didn’t even know Tania. 😉


      1. Oh.. So maybe Tania got it from your blog, cause she just sent me those two songs last time I visited her. And yea I didn’t know that it’s a sequel…


        1. Could be. She didn’t tell me anything about it. If she saw this from here, then it’s just uncovered that she’s been diving deep into my blog. 😉


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