This question popped up on my mind when someone on another blog briefly described how today’s children are changing with the advancement of technology. He said that these days children like Buzz Lightyear instead of Sheriff Woody. That’s how technology affects little children minds.

From then, I began to think, he is somehow true. If you have watched Toy Story series, you should already know that Woody was kind of avoided when he opened his last and large birthday present which was a new toy named Buzz Lightyear.

buzz lightyear
Buzz Lightyear. Image via Wikipedia.

As you should already know, Buzz Lightyear is a space ranger with tight-fit space suit with a glass around his head. He has the ability to fly and shoot his enemies. Also, his dramatic dialogues are scary enough to put his enemies away.

Buzz at first begins to think that he is a real space ranger and there are real enemies out there on the space that he has to defeat. However, through the series of events, he believes that he is just a toy and there is no mission that needs to be accomplished. (In the movie, he gets some missions, though.)

On the other hand, Woody, the older toy friend of Alex, is a plain simple cowboy toy who happens to be a sheriff with a pair of boots and a hat on his head. He has some threatening dialogues, too, among which “There’s a snake in my boot” appears to be favorite of all.

Poor Sheriff Woody. Image via Wikipedia.

If you have watched Toy Story, you would know that Alex lost his interest on Woody when he got Buzz. That’s possibly because Buzz looks smarter, technologically advanced and more powerful than Sheriff Woody.

What I wonder about is what today’s parents like to buy their children? If you have children, what do you prefer for your babies? Do you like to buy them sweet toys like Mr and Mrs Potato, Woody and Bull’s Eye; or you give them technologically advanced smarter toys like Buzz Lightyear? Are you making them prepared to be robotic from the very beginning of their lives?

I’m really curious to know what today’s parents buy their children when it comes to toys. Maybe they should buy the Buzz Lightyear to prepare their children to meet the advanced world. After all, they will be living here and they have to cope with it. What do you say, dude?

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  1. In Toy Story 3, Andy picked Woody over all his other toys, including Buzz.

    I think that you should start your child with more ‘basic’ toys and then when they’re older, they will eventually want the more ‘advance’ toys.

    Maybe just let it play its course, instead of jumping a step?


    1. Yup! I watched Toy Story 3. But that’s just a movie. I do believe in reality, today’s children like all those robotic toys more than plain old stuffs. Some reports said that soon there’ll be real robots to accompany children and play with them while the parents are off to work. That’s really bad.

      And I agree with you, of course. Thanks for putting your thoughts. 🙂


  2. I sometimes wish that Buzz Lightyear was real. He would have been able to deal with all the major global issues. Also he always has such an optimistic and positive attitude … always saw him smiling.


  3. Oh, I love Toy Story so much ♥ and I prefer Woody 😀 But I really don’t know what children prefer nowadays, I mean, I never pay attention to that! I guess they like both kinds of toys. Maybe when they’re very little they prefer the traditional toys, and as they grow up they prefer playing with the computer or Play Station (XBox or whatever…). But I don’t know with certainty :/

    BTW, it’s Andy, not Alex 🙂 haha.


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