How much shame does one have to lose in order to be termed as the world’s most shameless person? Take Mubarak, the Egyptian president for example. You’ll understand. When as many as 2 million people flood the streets of Cairo, and all across the country, halting their lives, all with the same demand, Mubarak still is in charge having no care at all.

This F-person first tried to block the voices by restricting social media access across the country, then forced shut down of Al Jazeera’s coverage, and now sent a group of human-like dogs in Tahrir square training them to open fire on the people followed by his pre-planned speech that the situation in Egypt can go worse if he steps down immediately. Anyone with at least one percent of brain active will understand the plan he is making.

I just came to know that it is planned that protesters on Friday, February 4 will come join and march towards the presidential palace in Egypt for one demand — step down President Mubarak. Therefore, February 4 has been declared by the planners as the “Day of Departure.”

day of departure february 4
As seen on The Huffington Post homepage.

Several news websites also reported that a demonstration of the February 4 “Day of Departure” in Egypt is planned in the New York City’s Times Square. Details information about the NY event is in this link.

I’m publishing this post just to express that I’m wishing a success of the “Day of Departure.” Although The Huffington Post reported that it was still unclear whether the protesters will join altogether in the event, I believe they will. I’m tired of watching the shamelessness of this person.!/aisajib/status/33492384754966528

In the series of events in Cairo, what was most pleasant was probably the role of military. When I came to know that they won’t fire upon the people as they are on the side of general people, I felt like saluting the one who took this decision. They played their best role and still they are — by separating the general people from Mubarak’s human-like dogs.

Mubarak maybe thinking that people in the streets and Tahrir Square might be tired at some time, give up and go back to their regular life. If there’s any chance that Mubarak comes over to network to seek any voice in his favor and eventually ends up being in this post, I’d like to clearly tell Mubarak that: “You are wrong! You are goddamn wrong you idiot! It’s time for the will of people to fulfill. It’s time for you to leave!”

I wholeheartedly wish an exemplary success of Feb 4’s Day of Departure. Let the power of people be on full force.

What do you think of the events in Egypt and specially the shamelessness of President Mubarak?

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9 thoughts

  1. I don’t know enough about this situation to make an intelligent comment on it. So all I can see is, any government that shuts down the internet needs to be removed, as far I’m concerned. If they tried that crap in America, you’d better believe I’d be marching on the White House right now!


    1. You are right about that. When the government shuts down the internet and social media networks as well as detain journalists at random (remember they forced shut down Al Jazeera’s offices as well), there got to be something unfair.

      Thanks for your comment here. 🙂


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