A quick Wikipedia search will return a few results (including a comic book) that the answer is affirmative. But you got me wrong. That is not the blue lotus I’m talking about. It’s something else. Something weird as well as odd enough to even think of.

blue lotus
A physical blue lotus what I'm not talking about. 😐

My friend Mim told me of this blue lotus thing just a couple of minutes ago. This thing is created by a fiction writer called Humayun Ahmed. I’m not a big fan of him. He writes senseless stuff. When you read his stories, you’ll enjoy them. But as soon as your book ends. You are finished with that. No message nor impact will be on your mind. You will not be thinking of something, like you might do after finishing The Godfather of The Da Vinci Code. Moreover, 95% of his new stories don’t have a specific plot. It’s like the story (better said the dialogues) starts here and ends there. That’s all. I’m sick of his stories. In earlier days, he used to write great stories, though.

The blue lotus, according to his self-made theory, is an invisible thing that you hold before you find your soul mate. You hold five blue lotuses. Once you find your soul mate, you give him/her all of them, and the blue lotuses then never return.

I haven’t read the theory that he published on his fiction book by myself. But according to what Mim said to me, who read the story, it’s something like that. The blue lotuses don’t return to you unless the person you are in love with gives you his/her bunch of five blue lotuses. The blue lotuses cannot be forwarded to someone else. Once you receive the bunch, they are all yours. In the same way, once the blue lotuses are given to someone you love, you are left empty and you cannot give anyone else blue lotuses anymore.

However, she is now confused whether the theory is in fact true.

Although I told her that this is a total bullshit and he has used this fancy theory just to enhance his story, she seems to be thinking of it. Now, you cannot really control once a worm is inside someone’s brain. The worm someday finds its way out. Until then, you can literally do nothing.

I, instead, am thinking of the theory. Can it be true?

If you want my answer, it’s a big no. There is no such thing as blue lotus. When you are in love with someone, you do love him/her and you care for her something more than yourself. But not all relationships last forever. For one reason or another, relationships break up. In that case, you cannot say that the couple in a newly broke up relationship can never find a true love again. They can find true love. And they can give and receive blue lotuses even further. (If they did exist, however)

I’m wondering how fictions affect us, especially girls’ minds! (No offense ladies, except for Mim πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† ).

Image Credit: dave.quixote on Flickr.

5 thoughts

  1. That’s true fictions affect us a lot and I must say it happens to me very much. But I didn’t think about any of fictions written by Humayun Ahmed before.

    The theory that I told you about blue lotus was really confusing :-s


  2. There are a lot of very well-written works of fiction that engages the mind long after the story ends. Personally, I forget about it soon. I don’t waste time contemplating on anything if it does not represent actuality, like this blue lotus theory, for instance πŸ˜€

    Everyone should enjoy fiction as it is: an imaginative creation.


    1. True, and Ms Tamim has a lot of thing to learn from your comment. πŸ˜€

      However, certain stories simply sow some thoughts on your mind. You don’t have to think about it, like Mim :D, it just comes naturally. H. Ahmed’s stories don’t leave such thoughts.


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