Cross-posted from The Daily Sajib – ICC Cricket World Cup Opening and my pathetic feeling.

The entire country has worn a look of festival. It’s unlike any other religious festival we have ever seen. It doesn’t matter whether they love cricket or hate it. The majority — if not all — of the population of Bangladesh — especially in the city of Dhaka and Chittagong — are now celebrating the opening ceremony and other matches in their own soil, Bangladesh.

icc cricket world cup 2011 opening
Demo of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 opening ceremony in Dhaka.

It is an incredible reality that Bangladesh is the host of the opening ceremony of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. You don’t know how awesome we feel about this. Especially when we walk down the streets beside the stadium where the matches will be held, we enjoy the lighting and other incredible designs that are simply mind-blowing.

icc cricket world cup 2011 opening
Demo of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 opening ceremony in Dhaka.

What makes me pathetic about this biggest event in the history of Bangladesh is that I couldn’t manage to get a ticket. I didn’t try that hard, though. As today all the television channels are broadcasting the preparation of opening ceremony, I am having a feeling that I’m gonna miss this forever. There will be other programs, other opening ceremonies and lots more in that stadium and other venues in Dhaka; but never the World Cup again, at least not during my lifespan, I guess. So, no matter how amazing that event would be, I would still miss the opening ceremony of World Cup Cricket 2011.

That’s just so pathetic. Disappointing. Sad.

5 thoughts

  1. Congratulations to you and everyone in Bangladesh for being chosen as hosts to the opening ceremony of the world cup!

    And I’m sorry that you didn’t get tickets to see the ceremony live. Is there no way at all you can get one at the last moment?


  2. Don’t worry Sajib… The next time the subcontinent hosts the worldcup… you will get a chance… though not for Opening ceremony but better and bigger matches…96 was not far away and 15 years later it has come back to Indian subcontinent again… cheers for that…
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