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I had a rather busy day today. Early in the morning, I was preparing for today’s examination. I was quite sure that I’d do good today. Fortunately, I did good. However, as you now know that exam was over by the midday, it wasn’t exam that kept me busy. It’s something else.

My sister’s husband yesterday night brought his laptop computer at our home because it wasn’t letting him do any work. I checked it out and noticed that it was something called Windows Express Settings. I wondered what it was. Later I discovered that it was a fake alert and the total thing was a malware. I installed Malwarebyte and did a full system scan still it couldn’t kick off the malware. So, what I was left with was do a complete system reinstalled.

But I didn’t have the drivers for the HP laptop. So, what should I do?

I did the brave thing and formatted the partition as well as install a trial copy of Windows 7. It came with pre-installed genuine Windows 7 Home Premium. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate. The size of the C Drive was more than 200 GB. So, before formatting the first partition, I also shrank the volume and created two new partitions.

Then I installed Windows 7. To my amazement, I noticed that Windows 7 didn’t install the drivers (e.g., graphics). That was surprising. So far I have installed Windows 7 in different desktop computers using the same DVD. But it never failed to install drivers all by itself. Then I searched HP website for appropriate drivers. Oh gosh! It was so boring!

I finally managed to install graphics driver. Then I noticed my touchpad wasn’t working. Oh man! Installed a few drivers and at last one worked. Then my WLAN (Wi-fi receiver) was disabled. I couldn’t understand why. I downloaded numerous drivers from HP website but none of them seemed working. At the 4th hour of my searching, I finally found a driver that enabled my wi-fi.

Then I noticed the wi-fi discovers my home router, but fails to pass the security check. It isn’t new, though. I checked the wi-fi earlier but it didn’t work. I searched online and found a few threads on different forums. According to those threads, it was a problem with Windows 7. I experimented for about two hours. But I always failed to get it working. Then I stopped experimenting. It wasn’t a problem after reinstalling system. So, I better not worry about it (I may have to worry once I buy a laptop and install Windows 7 on it, though. But that’s a case of a later time.).

And now, finally, I have just noticed that Windows will expire 30 days later. So, I have to find out a serial key. I already have a crack that works on desktop machines.  But in this HP laptop, it is helpless.

So, there you know how busy I was throughout the day (and I still am).

I wonder how I look as a tech support guy!

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