In the beginning of this year, I posted about two major resolutions of mine. If you don’t have enough time to check out the post linked from here, I’ll tell you that the first one was owning a laptop and the second one was a digital camera. Almighty Allah has fulfilled my desires in the third month of the year. Two of the major resolutions are fulfilled. I’m so happy!

The first one was a laptop. I worked hard for one of my clients and earned some money enough to buy a netbook. That client was satisfied with my hard work and allowed to pay me more money in advance so that I could afford a notebook PC. I finally bought a laptop computer which is Asus.

Asus laptop
Asus A42F (More Photos below)

I loved the outlook of this laptop and the features it had. I chose Dell 14R first but that laptop lacked multi-touch gesture. So, instead, I went with this laptop on my brother’s recommendation. It’s a Core i3 processor laptop with 2GB RAM, 64-bit compatible with 500GB Hard Drive and Intel HD Graphics card. It’s 14″ screen, although I actually wanted a 13″.

Then comes the digital camera. Earlier in a post I told that I was going to get a digital camera as I won the second prize on a blogging contest on a technology blogging platform called Technology Today (They are an established technology magazine here in Bangladesh). Today (21st March) I was handed over the prize and it was a samsung compact digital camera. Though in my resolution there was a Sony cybershot, I liked this one, too. At least, its initial photos looked great.

What I loved about this camera is that it lets me manually set many programs such as ISO speed and others. Its Smart Photo feature is worth a mention. It automatically sets the lens to give me a good shot.

For the first, here are a few shots I just took.

The first one here is a shadow photography. Electricity died and I was in total dark. Then I took this photo.

Shadow of the emperor!

I first held the camera and turned on the flashlight of my cell phone right behind it which made a shadow of my hand holding the camera on the front wall. Then, turning off the flash, I captured. What do you think of it?

And here’s my Asus laptop sitting on my bed in low battery 😉

Asus a42f
The MacBook Pro Pose. 😎

I hope to start serious practicing of photography from now on although I don’t find much things to take photos of. Street photography is a little bit daring here in Dhaka. 😀 Everybody is worried of their privacy. And there is too little natural place to take shots of while you are in the city. So, I’m a little worried what I should be capturing. Maybe I should confirm a tour to my village. Lots of trees and fields there to take shots of. What do you say? 😀

33 thoughts

    1. Better than nothing if you understand me. I’ve been to your blog and you seemed professional. So, it’s better not comparing your camera with mine. 😀


    1. Sorry if I do something wrong, nothing personal … I just wanted to say that if you want to take a photo, you must to use technique for it, I think you agree that in order to hunt ducks you need to use a gun not a cannon? isn’t it? 🙂 BTW I’m not a professional – it’s my hobby 🙂
      P.S. Sorry for my english…


      1. It’s okay. I didn’t mind. Everybody has their opinion. But your photos are great, I must admit. I thought you’re a pro. Or you can go pro if you want my suggestion. 😀


      2. What do you mean about PRO? My understanding about PRO is when a person receives from this money (even if his photographs for the majority – shit), in this case, the determining factor is the sale …. But sales – is also shit, which is not an indicator of the quality of photos, they say only that meet customer demands and that is all … 🙂


      3. OK I understand you’re not so much into being a professional. 😀

        What I understand about Pro is that the one who earns his livelihood by photography is a professional photographer. Certain qualities must be in his photography, of course. I can’t say that anyone who shoots for money and gets paid well is a professional (well, maybe literally).


    1. Thank you. 🙂 You’re the sponsor of Nadia apu’s newly created blog, right? 😀 Thanks for that good investment. 😉 And welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll visit me sometimes. 🙂


  1. Wow, mashaAllah! Congrats! You deserve both the laptop and the camera, Sajib. You work so hard.

    You pictures’ comments are too funny! 😀

    The commenter above is being rude. Samsung may not be the perfect camera out there, but you can still take very decent pictures with it. Shoot a lot, Sajib. I’d love to see your village!


    1. Thank you Nadia apu. 🙂 The one who got the first prize is named Nadia Akter. 😀 The entire time of the prize giving ceremony I remembered you. 🙂

      Only two pictures have comments or captions. Glad you liked it. 🙂

      Like I already said, I’m lacking subjects. 😦 But for sure I’ll shoot lots and lots of pictures of my village (not to mention the goats 😀 ) for you. I’ll go to my village within a month; that’s for sure.

      Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂 At least there is someone to view and comment on my amateur shots, thinking it feels good. 🙂


      1. Oh well, people with the name “Nadia” get the top spots most of the time; it may seem unfair sometimes, but there’s no stopping our awesomeness (I am in the mood to be extremely humble today, as you might have already noticed) 😉

        I can’t wait for the pictures! I’m also an amateur like you. We can both learn from each other.


      2. Yea, but there’s something I didn’t mention. I secured the first place (they disclosed it yesterday) but some sorting just made me second despite the fact that I wrote more posts than her and she wrote fewer posts based on science only (while I explored technology and computer). Anyway, that’s got nothing to do with you. 😛 Enough self-praise. 😀

        Don’t tell me that you’re an amateur, or I’ll have to rename myself as a newly born baby, which doesn’t sound very good to me 😥


  2. I will not talk about your laptop or camera. Whats amazed me was the dream-comes-true for a young mind.

    The cost for these two devices may be very little for many..but the happiness you got by getting owning can not be measured with money and a few people can avail this.

    I had the similar satisfaction back in 1996..when I purchased a walkman for tk only 350.

    My heart was filled with excitement and I couldn’t sleep throughout whole night.

    I am sure the excitement and pleasure we got with these small things…are out of reach of most of the people who roam around with full-of-money wallets.

    They can buy anything but the dream…


    1. Wonderfully put. When dreams come true, it’s a different feeling that you don’t get when you buy it otherwise.

      I went to your blog and it’s gorgeous. Loved the logo. Did you made it out by yourself?


  3. Hi sajib
    You are using this laptop for six month. Please tell me your experiences with this such as battery life and performance. I am facing problem with my old dell laptop. Would you really suggest me to buy this or any other Asus laptop within 40k to 45k?


    1. Battery life isn’t awesome. But it can hold up to about 2 hours if no media is played. However, in terms of performance, thank God my money didn’t go in vain. It was an awesome purchase. It works surprisingly well as other Dell laptops (Inspiron 14R) would cost around 45,000 taka while this Asus A42F with better configuration cost only 39,000 taka. It works like a charm. The only problem I face is Windows. You know, natural problem. It gets slow over time. Happens with every other computer.

      I do recommend you buying an Asus machine. Although Dells are popular these days, I think Asus saves a lot of money and serves quite good with 2 years warranty.

      Let me know of your configuration after you buy one.


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