I have never written a book review before and I never thought I’d be sitting anytime soon to write a book review. But the story I ended reading last night was so thrilling and adventurous that I can’t stop myself from letting anyone who’d come to my blog know about the story and encourage them to read it. It’s a story of a few men surviving in the deep blue sea. It’s a story called Men Against the Sea.

From Wikipedia, I came to know that this is the second of a trilogy of stories. It is written by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall. The original story was first published in 1994.Β  One thing I hate to say is I actually read the translated copy of the story. But the translation was so good that not for a single moment I had a feeling that I was reading a translated version of the original story. Although I was fully pleased after I was finished reading the book, I found an online copy of the original and did some matching. I didn’t wonder that they were same. Finest translation I ever read, I must admit. Thanks to Niaz Morshed (Don’t know if the spelling is correct) who translated it into Bangla. Now, let me dare writing a short review of it.

men against the sea

Plot Summary

I told you earlier that this is the second installment of a trilogy. However, I didn’t know it when I first started reading the story. I later came to know it from Wikipedia. So, the starting of the story can be a little bit confusing as it actually starts from the finishing part (Epilogue) of the story. Throughout the book, you will be reading more like a journal written, or better said described by Thomas Ledward who happened to be the acting surgeon of Bounty. Bounty and his followers who are called mutineers in the story literally throw Captain Bligh and eighteen of his man in a small launch in the middle of the sea and takes full possession of the ship. The story actually starts there.

Thomas Ledward describes how they survive against the crazy sea and how they obey their Captain and finally makes sure that they all go back to their home safely.

James Norman Hall House. He wrote Men Against the Sea with Charles Nordhoff probably sitting in this house. - Photo from Flickr.

The Good Side

The entire story is a good side. The story is so engaging, thrilling, sad and appealing that it will be plain hard for you to pause reading once you are in the middle of the sea with those men surviving against the sea. At times, it feels very bad for them. One thing I liked about the story is that those men are never frustrated. It teaches me a lesson. If you have a deserving leader, and if you follow him no matter what, then you will for sure overcome any danger that comes in your way. I believe it’s true. This story of obeying Captain Bligh will show you how it works.

When I literally closed my eyes was the time when Ledward described how they caught a bird in the middle of the sea, slaughtered it and drank its blood. After that, the meat of the bird was distributed among them and he (Ledward) was given the head. He described how tasty it was for him as he swallowed the eyes of the bird and chewed the head eating the brain of it. That was very shivering part of the story.

The ending is as usual very happy. But at the last moment some things will occur that will supposedly make you sad. As per the suggestion of a commentator below, I’m not going to disclose here what it is. You will have to figure out when you’re at the finishing part of the story with the book in your hand or in your monitor.

The Bad Side

Literally none. I loved the story. Or else I’d never be so brave to take on my keyboard writing a book story in English (Now that I have written, my confidence has become stronger that “I can” πŸ˜€ ).


I don’t know if it’s okay for me to upload the story here. But I found several copy (PDF) of the book floating almost everywhere around so I thought it’d be best to let my readers download the e-book of this story right from this post. Therefore, I uploaded the story in pdf that you can download by clicking below. (You’ll need Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader to open the file).

Men Against the Sea PDF Download.


There are two things you can comment on. One: How was my book review? πŸ˜€ Did I get it right? And two: Have you read this story? What’s your review about it? You can write it in the comment section so I know if I know how to feel after I read a story. πŸ˜‰

What’s next?

Far from the Madding Crowd is what’s next. It’s an 1874 story (I seem to move backwards in time) and was written by Thomas Hardy. Wikipedia says it was his fourth novel and his first major literary success. From what I can tell, it’s probably a love story among other things. I’ll be reading it soon and if I like it way too much, a review will be here. Another story I want to read as soon as possible is The Old Man and the Sea by Earnest Hemingway. I got a PDF copy of the original book (digitized, actually) so I might read it anytime without prior notice!

6 thoughts

  1. Well done, Sajib. Although, please do not reveal the ending. I would like to read the book but I am just not finish with my “Summer” reading list.

    And I don’t know about the PDF you uploaded though. You might be reported of infringement of intellectual rights. Who knows? James Norman might reading this review.

    KIU! Sajib!


    1. Don’t worry about that. That’s not going to happen. Busier sites have published it so i won’t be sued for publishing it on my personal blog.


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