Ready to lounge

I didn’t sleep last night. I wouldn’t say that I tried but I couldn’t. Because in reality I didn’t try at all. The whole night I spent staring at the screen of my computer and doing things that was rather not important and not unnecessary either. I recently discovered that when you spend a sleepless night the following day becomes longer than usual for you. I don’t know why this happens but this is true. The day is as usual 24 hours long but it seems terribly longer when you’re in a situation like me.

I don’t want to sleep right now. It’s okay to sleep. It’s 6.40 in the morning and nobody would wake me up if I sleep for the rest of the day. But I’m not going to do that. Because I simply don’t want to pass another day sleeping. I wanted to go out somewhere — probably in the office where I’ve been not working since my exams began back in February. But I can’t go there. Political issues, you know. It’s countrywide general strike today from dawn-to-dusk and it’s very likely to bad things occur in the streets. I was planning to go to my office yesterday and the day before that. But for no reason I didn’t go. Today I feel like going but it’s unsafe to go out today. So, I’m sticking at home. I have my computer, fortunately. But I still wanna be outside. I don’t know where, but I just want to get out somewhere.

The best would be going somewhere outside the city. Maybe in a place that has some sort of beautiful natural scene. I’d like Cox’s Bazar, actually. But I have no money to bear the expenses for a minimum trip to Cox’s Bazar. So, a trip is out of question as of now.

What can I do now? I’m tired of sitting, watching movies, reading books (I do that, but I can’t do that throughout the day) and all that. Is there a solution you have for me?

Trivia: I actually wanted to publish this post on my Daily Sajib blog as part of the Post A Day challenge. But I hit the wrong link and I ended up writing here. I didn’t have the energy to copy-paste it to the other blog and therefore I just hit the publish button. Surely I’ll have something to write about on the Daily Sajib at the end of the day.

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    1. I slept. From 10am to 6pm. 😀 That’s just what I did. By the way, how did you know it’s evening? Is your timezone same as mine? 😕


  1. I sleep after 3.00 or 4.00. Before that i power off my phone and get up just after 6 or 7 hrs. But don’t pass sleepless night. I hardly went to my morning classes … 😐 Now trying to change this schedule .. but it seems impossible…!


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