Every year 14th of April not only brings joy and festivals all over the country but it also makes us dream of the new that we hope to happen in the near future. The joy, happiness, festival and the dream is identical to what you do on 1st January of any given year. I know I’ve been hard. Let me be neat and clean. 14th of April is the 1st day of Baishakh, which is the first month of the Bengali Calendar. The first day of month is also called “Pahela” followed by the name of that month. In other words, Pahela Baishakh is the New Year in Bangla calendar.

We have traditions here. The best of all is going out on festivals and hanging out with friends. This year, I didn’t do much of hanging out with friends but I still I spent half of the day with my friends. I went to Dhanmondi area of the city where a pleasant lake is located. Many people go beside the lake for a cool natural breeze out of the mechanical city life. On occasions like this, the place is overcrowded with lots of people from different parts of the city. There are concerts here and there. When we arrived the Dhanmondi lake area, there was a concert going on. We missed it, though. It ended right within 3 minutes of our arrival on the scene. 😦 But that didn’t make us sad as concert wasn’t our target.

Dhanmondi Lake
Dhanmondi Lake on Pahela Baishakhs midday.

Later in the afternoon, I went to one of my best friend’s home. I didn’t stay there for too long. But I sure enjoyed the stay. For those who have been reading my blog for quite a long time now, you should already know who my best friend mim is! Remember anything? No? Then read this post from the archive.

My best friend -- like many others -- dressed up in celebration of the Bangla New Year.

On Pahela Baishakhs, women usually wear sharees of white color with red arts in it. The art usually refers to Baishakhi messages or sometimes simply a hand-design. They also wear earrings and other ornaments (not gold, usually) matching the color with their dress. The photo you see above is of mim. I took it while I was on her home. You now remember who mim is, right? 😀

People usually welcome this new day of the new year with many hopes and dreams in their life. However, when it comes to me, like other New Years, I didn’t have any particular dream of my own. Well, I do have dreams, but I didn’t think about them in the new year. Maybe I depend too much in Allah and not these traditions. 🙂

Let me tell you an interesting thing: In English Calendar, the date changes at 12AM in the morning. In Arabic Calendar, the date changes when the sun sets. But in Bangla Calendar, the date changes and a new day begins as soon as the sun rises up. Interesting, right? 😀

P.S.: To know more about how we celebrate Bangla New Year, refer to the wikipedia page where they have a detailed information about the celebration, tradition and culture of Bangali’s Baishakhi celebration. The page is located at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pohela_Boishakh#In_Dhaka .

27 thoughts

    1. Thank you. The entire country turns into a festive mood on this day. You wouldn’t believe unless you be here on a Bangla New year’s day.


  1. Oh cool. So you’re like Chinese who celebrate new year not in January. Nice post. I learned more about your culture.

    How do you celebrate new year? Example for us, we blow fireworks or do anything that makes sound. How about yours? Also here in New Year, almost all people sleep at day light they are all too tired from the activity at 12:00AM.

    PS: I still don’t know who mim is. ha ha


    1. We do celebrate new year in January. But we have our own calendar so we celebrate two new years in every year. 😀

      We just go out with our friends. Wear sarees and panjabis mostly featuring the color of Baishakh — white and red. We eat watered rice and various vartaas (Don’t know what it’s called in English 😛 ).

      Just head on to the post I included in the post (https://aisjournal.com/2010/11/22/how-who-and-what/ ) and you’ll know who she is.


  2. Hi Sajib,

    Thanks for sharing this. What a wonderful way to begin spring, with celebration. We are all so busy and wrapped up in our own lives these days, it’s fun to pause and take time to be with friends.



    1. Unfortunately for us though, it’s not the beginning of spring. It’s the end of spring and the start of summer with the first day of Baishakh. 😀


        1. Not a great player yet but showing all the signs he may become one, no doubt leaving O&Nl712;#ei8l to tell us he was right all along.seems reasonable to me Bob,as someone who bought him for my Fantasy League team and was subjected to loud guffaws,a smug smile is now on my face,the £400 quid for winning it must surely be mine!!Home 10 3 5 0 0 19Away 9 1 2 0 0 7Total 19 4 7 0 0 26Thats his points total for the season


      1. But I guess it’s just the beginning of Spring in the United States. In Bangladesh, 14th April is the end of Spring and beginning of Summer every year. How about your country? Is April Fool the beginning of summer every year over there? 😉


  3. I didn’t know about this tradition, but it sure looks like a lot of fun! I notice a lot of people wearing red in the first picture 🙂

    Do the women cook anything special for this day?


  4. Et maintenant, ma chère Zerbinette parle Bruxellois !Alors là, je rends les armes ! Je m’avoue vaincu, écrasé, écrabouillé ! Ma chère Zerbinette, vous m’en bouchez un coin, et je ne viendrait plus ici que pour vous lire* ! Pierre Henri* Promesse d&uqnro;ivrogse, évidemment !


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