Okay, so I’m now typing the 100th post on this blog and I never really imagined that this would be about my recently published result. SSC — Secondary School Certificate exam — is the first step to Higher Education in Bangladesh. You can say half of your educational future depends on it. If you do not get a good grade, you’ll most likely not make it into a good college. And if you don’t get admitted into a good college, you’re most likely not to get a good mark in HSC — Higher Secondary Certificate exam — which is what your entire future depends on.

However, I didn’t really expect to get a Grade Point Average of 5 (or simply A+) because my exams were really not that good. I don’t think that I’m a good student but I tried my best to make it as better as possible. After two years of class before which there were 8 years of school background, SSC is the first appearance in public examination. And this year, it was my time.

So, let me tell you that I didn’t get a GPA 5. My GPA is 4.44, which is an A grade. And for the record, I appeared in the exam from the group of commerce. Below is a screenshot of the grade sheet as published in the Education Board Result’s website:

Click to enlarge.

Here’s a little bit of description about how I actually did in the subjects, what I expected and what I got.


Well, I never actually did well in Bangla. I admit that it’s very easy to write a lot in Bangla, especially in creative format that was introduced in SSC exams last year in two subjects and this year in four subjects. However, I don’t know why but I can’t write a lot of boring stuff in Bangla exams. If the questions are from a story, or a moral, I can answer the related questions well. But if it’s an article on a topic like Women Education or so, I really get stuck.

Bangla result consists of Bangla 1st and 2nd paper. 2nd paper consists of mainly grammar and composition. I suck at Bangla grammar (although you’ll hardly find any grammatical mistake in my Bangla writing). So, in Bangla 2nd paper objective, I didn’t do much well. So, overall my Bangla exam wasn’t that good. So, I’m not surprised at grade B.


My favorite subject. The result here consists of English 1st and 2nd paper. The exam was good as always. And I did expect an A+ in this subject. And finally I did.

Not to mention that I didn’t even touch the book of English compositions because I can’t memorize stuff. I’m really bad at memorizing. So, everything that was in both English exams was written by me. I mean, originally authored by me. πŸ˜‰ 😎 And this is very much unlike what most other students in Bangladesh do.


I’m not good at mathematics. In fact, I constantly forget the formulas and mess them up while solving a problem. I forget a simple math every once in a while. But I’m good at algebra. So I guess I got all the 50 marks in algebra. Rest of the numbers came from trigonometry, reserve and geometry. I’m not that good at any of them. But overall I answered 73 out of 100. And I got 70+ as I expected. So, grade A is right.

General Science

They say how come I am not good at science while I’m writing in a science and technology page in a newspaper as well as addicted to computers and gadgets. Well, I don’t really find the relevance. Computers don’t have much to do with gravity unless they fall down from the desk. And I have no interest in the anatomy of an amoeba.

I already wrote that I suck at memorizing stuff. And General Science is full of understanding and memorizing. I’m no good at either of them. So, my written was so-so while my objective was poor. So, a grade B isn’t surprisingly shocking.


Well, I’m a little bit disappointed with this subject. Because from what I can tell, I did good in the exam. Most of the objectives were correct, written was good and I expected an A+. I don’t know why I didn’t get it. Bad luck? (Well it depends on luck a little bit. Because your marks depend on the mood of the teacher who’s examining it. If he’s for some reason angry at that time, you’re out of luck.)

Introduction to Business

I always did well in Introduction to Business in the school exams and this continued in the SSC. Couple of students around me says that they find Introduction to Business a little bit hard. But for me, it’s always been easy. So, A+ was expected and achieved.


This is the main subject of commerce group. I can’t say that I’m a master of accounting. But I had a basic idea of how to solve problems and write different type of books and memo (say Ledger, Cash Book or Journal for example). Plus, the question was not so tough. Therefore, A+ was expected and I got an A+!

Business Entrepreneurship

This is the thinnest book in the class but for some reason I find it very difficult.It has a lot of “points” to remember and I am never good at remembering stuff. So, I’m glad that I got A-. It could be a grade B.

Computer Studies

Do I have to say anything?

I never really cared about how the computer evolved to date and how binary numbers work. But I had to study Computer Studies book for the examination. Luckily, the exam was good. And I got A+.

Wrapping up

That was my result. GPA 4.44 stands for A grade. There’s nothing to be very much excited about this result. But I would be happy if I can get admitted into a good college. Please pray for me so that I can get admitted.

As soon as I am in a college, I will sure write about my new college and my experience on the first day of college. πŸ™‚

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    1. I believe I didn’t write that I wouldn’t get into college. It’s not about two B’s, actually. It’s about grade point average. There are so many GPA 5’s that 4.44 is a little low. And good colleges have their individual minimum requirements; there is no test for admission. However, I’m yet to find out what are the minimum GPA requirements this year. Then I’ll see if I can get into a good college or not. 😦

      Thank you for your comment.


  1. If I’m not mistaken those subjects are the subjects you learned at your high school? Or was it just for that exam? Countries really have different education system.

    I think you’ll do good in college and college is fun. From my first year in college, which is last year, I have the leisure of having sleepless nights because of projects, requirements, reports and assignments. But I think you’ll do good πŸ™‚

    PS: I love college because it introduced me to the very thing I love now and forever will be: reading.


    1. These are the subjects I studied in class 9 and 10 from the commerce group. Except that Computer Studies, all other subjects are compulsory for commerce group.

      Hope to get into a good college. I’m really tensed about it.


  2. In my country, A is a very good grade. It sounds like you did pretty well to me.Over here I don’t think you’d have trouble getting into a very good college with those grades. You know your strong areas Sajib, and in college that’s where you will focus.


    1. Over here, there are tremendous number of A+ from the group of science. To get admitted into a college in commerce, requirements are not exactly A+, but they require higher. No college has declared anything yet, let’s see what happens.

      Plus, like Ben above said that different countries have different education system, I don’t have much of a choice. No matter which college I get into, I’ll be studying the same mandatory subjects. So, strong areas will come useful when my college is over and I go to a University. That’s how things work here in Bangladesh.


  3. Congratulations and best of luck in the future :)! I just LOVED this: “Computers don’t have much to do with gravity unless they fall down from the desk.” It’s hilarious :lol:!


  4. A-vai ai boyosei ato bolog/i mean blog lekhar somoy r interest pau koi. Is it only for personal interest or something business; as you’re from commerce. Anyway don’t worry about your result just keep faith in ALMIGHTY;GOOD LUCK:-)


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