And by that I don’t mean blog posting basic for beginner bloggers. So, don’t get confused with 101. I put a ‘#’ to avoid confusion. What I wanted to means it that it’s 101st post in this blog and guess what, I’m proud of it.

100But if you ask me how old this blog is, I will no longer show that I’m proud. Because this blog is as old as 3 years. I first created this blog in 2008. My blogging career started in 2006 through a community Bangla blog. Two years later, I figured that I wanted to blog in English because I like to write in English and I want to reach a wider audience. Thus this blog was created.

Back in that time, nothing was like you see it today. Of course, it was classic compared to how websites used to look at that time. And we were only given 50 MB of space per blog. But it didn’t sound small. 50 MB was quite a big deal in 2008. So, was already popular for blogging purpose except for those who wanted to advertise on their blog and make money (and a little of them actually did make money).

I have been through many situations. I changed the theme of this blog pretty often. I created and deleted many posts. A couple of times I entirely deleted the blog archive and started from scratch. And that’s exactly why my 100th post was published as many as three years later from the day this blog was created. However, if you count from the time this custom domain was created, then it’s not that long time. It hasn’t been a year yet since I bought a custom domain for this blog.

Top 10 Posts and pages

Although I deleted all the blog posts a couple of times, few pages and posts still did remain such as the About page. The count of top 10 everything is from the first day this blog was created. Here they go (homepage skipped):

  1. Fun post: Coca Cola vs Pepsi
  2. Sympathy for Giraffes
  3. Honest Review: Banglalion WiMAX : Trouble Begins Soon
  4. Why I rolled back to default Ubuntu theme from Mac-like style
  5. About
  6. Story of the lovebirds who live in front of our door
  7. ICC World Cup opening and my pathetic feeling
  8. Ubuntu 10.10 to support multi-touch
  9. 5 Super hot and cool video songs with super funny Bangla subtitles!
  10. Now, will you stop broadcasting ‘where you are’?

Top 10 Referring sites

Below are the top 10 sources that drove traffic to my blog since its existence.

  1. Facebook
  3. (Global Tags)
  5. (currently expired)
  6. WordPress dashboard (those who follow from WordPress dashboard)
  7. (A public blog where I’m appointed as technology blogger)
  9. Twitter

Global Voices Mentions

Global Voices Online is a blog content aggregrator that mainly focuses on what people blog from across the world. It is a hugely visited website and getting mentioned in this network is somewhat lucky for small people (who barely count) like me. However, this blog was mentioned a couple of times in Global Voices Online under Bangladesh category and here are the links to the mentions:

  1. That Facebook Girl
  2. A lucky escape from death
  3. The quality of English in Bangla Medium Education
  4. Rolling blackouts and life
  5. In Winter


Through many ups and downs, I have continued to blog in this blog and interact with others in the network. I enjoy writing because it gives me peace. I love it when someone leaves a comment or subscribe to read further posts. As of now, 15 May 2011, I have got 29 active subscribers who read my posts as soon as I publish a post each time. 29 may not sound very much exciting to many of you. But for me, it’s a big deal. It’s my personal blog. I write my thoughts and share it with others. When someone subscribes to read my personal blog, I feel not only happy but also lucky. 🙂

So, after all, I have yet a couple of words to say:

Thank you all!

8 thoughts

  1. Congratulations! I’m getting ready to hit 1000 comments mile stone soon!
    that’s pretty exciting since I had two prior blogs that never received any comments.

    My recent blog went live in January and I’m finally building a community! It feels really terrific when someone subscribes, doesn’t it?

    Lake Forest, California USA


  2. Glad you made it in that milestone, even though you hit it several times 🙂 At least this time your actual 101 post is dedicated for celebration.

    I will be reading your blog, even though class is coming soon and will get busy.


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