When the World ScreamedI first heard the name of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle through one of his best works, Sherlock Holmes. Not to mention I read a translated copy of this world-famous detective series, but fortunately the translation was so accurate that I never had a feeling that what I was reading was not written by the original author of the book.

And then I began to read other stories that had “A Conan Doyle” printed on it.

Last time I wrote a review of a story called “The Poison Belt“. If you looked closely, you would have noticed in the cover that the story comes with two more stories: The Disintegration Machine and When the World Screamed. Not to mention the translated copy I read also had these stories translated. These are very short stories. Probably too short to be reviewed. But I couldn’t skip writing about When the World Screamed because it’s entirely a different type of story. It’s just a science fiction short story and does not teach us any morals unlike The Poison Belt. Still this sci-fi story is really something that gets stick to your mind once you take some time alone with the book.

When the World Screamed is another Professor Challenger story where a new craziness pressures him to make the earth feel the existence of human being on its surface. Professor says the earth is a giant creature and it doesn’t even care or know that we — the human being — exist on its surface. Professor believes that by drilling into the center of the earth, he will be the first person to let the planet know that there are people on its surface. He begins a very expensive experiment and one day his dreams come true.

A couple of miles down the surface, the people appointed to work in the digging witness what is the most extraordinary and horrible thing they could ever see. It’s the earth; with an outlook like it’s breathing. Everyone gets shocked at first sight. Even the person appointed to drill through the earth gets confused whether he should do it or not. How could he hurt such a giant creature that is accommodating us?

Now all the honorable and genius scientists are in front of the professor when he’s about to drill through the earth’s final skin. What will happen next?

If your local bookstore has a copy of it, or the Poison Belt together with this story, go read it on your next free day. If you’re unable to find it out, you can always see this link where I found the full story published in HTML. However, reading in screen is no way better than reading in a hard copy. So, don’t just click the above link. First, try to find a solid copy. If failed, then you can come back for the link.

I would rate the movie at 5/5. I think I just broke the rule that no movie or story should be rated at the highest possible rating. Well, at least I never noticed in mainstream medias.

How likely are you to look for this book in your local public library?

12 thoughts

  1. I don’t appeal to Sci-Fi stories except maybe Ender’s Game, which in my opinion the true Sci-Fi I would ever come across. I am more inclined in people’s personal story. Right now, I’m reading My Sister’s Keeper. :]

    I noticed you read books translated in Bangla. Do books like that hit the bestseller lists in your place?

    PS: You should italicized book titles as a grammar rule so as to avoid confusion.


    1. I don’t appeal to Sci-fi stories either. I just happen to read these two stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and found them very, very interesting and exciting. However, my personal favorite genres are Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Crime and so on. Not to mention I never read a book that has a fantasy story. However, I did watch Avatar and Harry Potter 1-4. 😀

      I read these books in Bangla because the English copy of them is rare (or maybe just unavailable) in here. Plus, I didn’t buy these books. I borrowed them as my exams were over. And these books are published from a specific publication house and you can say almost all books published from this house are popular and they have their dedicated readerbase all over the country.

      I didn’t know about that grammar. 😉 I’ll take care of it from the next posts. Not feeling well enough to edit the post right now. Thanks for letting me know about it.


      1. Have you read Sherlock Holmes or have seen the movie? Was it good?

        I think the only mystery and thriller I have read is The Box, a book of short stories, which is also the basis of The Box movie.

        I think the Avatar was epic. I never saw a movie like it – strong theme together with stunning visual effects, except maybe Inception. Also, have you seen Source Code and Limitless? Are they good? I’m planning to watch them this week. :]

        Good for you. Our Filipino language are mostly seen in pocketbooks, which by far the least thing I would read.

        I learned that rule from English Grammar for Dummies. Just saying.


        1. I’ve read numerous stories including A study in scarlet and The hound of baskerville. They are simply superb. Once you read it you’ll always want to read more. And the latest movie Sherlock Holmes, that’s highly recommended. Another recommendation is Tom & Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes. 😉

          I have never heard of The Box. But I can say for sure that Sherlock Holmes is better than that when it comes to mystery. 😀

          Avatar definitely is an epic. I wish I could watch it in 3D, which is unavailable here in Bangladesh. I have watched Limitless. Good concept, but I wouldn’t say it’s highly recommended. Again it’s a good movie and you can watch. Won’t be a waste of time.

          I heard Source Code is a good movie but I haven’t watched it yet.

          I read Bangla translations because i)English are not widely available and ii) I’m not yet good at understanding the English literature.


  2. Hi Sajib,
    I’m always on the look out for interesting books to read. My favorite genres are biographies and mysteries. But, I like to expand my mind and read other types too.

    I love my local library. We have an wonderful system here where all the towns’ libraries are connected, so if the local library doesn’t have a book, you can most likely find it at another library. You request the book online and it’s delivered to your local library.
    Happy reading!


  3. আপনার সাইটটি খুব ভাল লাগেছে আমার কাছে। আমিনুল ভাই আমি একটা সমস্যার মধ্যে আছি। সমস্য হচ্ছে আমি আমার ছোট ভাইকে ওয়েব ডিজাইন শেখাতে চাচ্ছি। কিন্তু আমি ভাল কোন ডিজাইন সেন্টারের খোজ পাচ্ছি না। দয়া করে ভাল কোন ডিজাইন সেন্টারের খোজ জানালে উপকার হত। আর একটা সমস্যা ছোট ভাই এর লেখা পড়া মাত্র এসএসসি পর্যন্ত।তাতে কি শিখতে পারবে? দয়া করে জানাবেন।


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