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WordPress has always been the first in recent years when it comes to blogging. My blogging life (in English language) started through the hands of WordPress. Back then, nothing was like what you see today.


In mid-2008, when I first signed up for this blog, was a minimal blogging platform. Back then, everything was focused on ‘writing’. You could write a new post in the simplest yet smartest post editor of WordPress. You would get 50 MBs of free space with all of the blogs you register. At that time, 50 MB was a huge thing!

I didn’t know what version of was running back then in, but whatever it was, it seemed somewhat like the following screenshots.

wordpress old dashboard
.Dashboard of the ancient days blogging. Click to enlarge.

new post panel of wordpress
New Post Editor of ancient WordPress. Click to enlarge.
General Options in ancient WordPress. Click to enlarge.

Ancient WordPress vs New Generation WordPress

The differences are huge. The ancient WordPress has been improved dramatically over time and now has turned into the new generation WordPress that is visually impressive, technically advanced and rich of features. The differences are needless to say. I’d rather skip to what WordPress folks have offered us lately.


No wonder that lots of people are in love with the all-new visually impressive WordPress dashboard. Me? Well, I’m used to it. There have been a WordPress plugin called Fluency Admin. I have been using it for almost years. If you checked out Fluency Admin, you will not compare it with what we have today here in dashboard. But I don’t say that it’s not good. Change is definitely happiness. And I do like the redesign.

However, there are things that disappointed me, literally. Where is the New Post button on the header area (not the navigation or admin bar)? I seriously miss it. It helped me hit open New Post panel as soon as the inspiration strikes. Now I need to wait for the drop-down menus to appear or search for the “Add New Post” in the dashboard menu on the left.

New Post

Definitely an impressive improvement. Especially the Full screen mode is a milestone! I loved the feature. Most of us use widescreen monitors these days and it sucks to see text spread from left to right of the monitor; which was what Post editor would look if I turned on Full screen mode. Now there is an improvement. You will go full screen, and within seconds all the clutter will be gone. If you need them, just hover your mouse and they’ll be back for a second. Amazing! Congratulations guys! (And thank you at the same time 😉 ).

And I guess, that’s all! There is a tiny improvement with those who have turned comment moderation on. But I have left it open for everyone. I want everyone’s voice to be heard as soon as they speak. So, I will not worry about the “Approve and Reply” update of the recent.

In a nutshell, I’m in love with the distract-free writing update. It’s really a big change. I bet folks have some serious novelists among them who understand various aspects of writing. That’s why they understood the clutter needs to be gone and they made it gone!

Hats off to WordPress! You guys just invented the next generation of blogging.

15 thoughts

  1. I agree, there have been some fun things added. One of my new favs (favorites) is the allowing to embed the you tube url address/photo. It makes a big difference, although, a little too large on my theme. I tried to reduce the size some and didn’t have much success. Yet, I like that option.

    I do allow comments, and it only has to be “moderated” by me once from that replier’s address. Once I approve one comment from them, all their future comments (coming from that same e-mail address) will automatically post. I do this to get a “feeling” on how that person comments. (swear words, etc.)- I don’t want to have to approve every time someone comments…especially if they are regulars to my blog. 🙂

    Lake Forest, California USA


    1. I believe allowing to embed youtube videos has always been here. I could embed YouTube videos even before this update was made.

      Yes, that type of moderation option — that comes default with every new wordpress blog — is handy. But I still prefer everyone’s voice to be heard as soon as they speak. If there are offensive comments, I may delete them. But I don’t find it a problem for others to see it before I remove. You know, there are always people like that.


    1. is a couple of hundreds of thousands times bigger network than that of Bangladesh — somewhereinblog. Get it now? 😀


  2. I haven’t really explored the new features, it is hard to do that when you keep looking over your shoulder to make sure your boss isn’t sneaking up on you. 😉

    I have to try the new features.


    1. Ha ha. You don’t have to have a lot of time to discover the new updates. Just head to your Dashboard and start writing a new post in full screen mode, you’ll see what’s hot.

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. I love WordPress! I can’t imagine blogging on any other platform. And despite the small points you mentioned, I’m still very happy 🙂


    1. Me neither. I love wordpress too, despite the small points I myself mentioned. 😀

      Now you use so you know the endless possibilities of WordPress.


  4. i like wordpress…i tried eblogger and some other blogging sites but they weren’t too user friendly for me. but wordpress is giving me a problem lately…its not showing posts of my subscriptions under the subscription tab…so annoying. i contacted the ‘support’ people but still no response…its getting on my nerves!


    1. I tried blogger one time but I couldn’t quite stick to it because and are a lot more comfortable and rich of features than those from Google. Some people these days like Tumblr for media-based blogging, but I always find WordPress the coolest platform to blog with.

      I don’t know what’s wrong with your subscription but everything is working fine with me. And so far I have experienced good support from WordPress support. Hold on and they’ll get back to you.

      Thanks for your comment anyway.


  5. Nice info. Just a thought, where is Fluency Admin? I couldn’t find it. Also, did you really take the screenshot way back in 2008?


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