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Imagine you know exactly what will happen tomorrow. Would you like to wake up? Imagine someone knows that his poverty will never go away. He will never succeed. Would he still continue for the betterment of his lifestyle?

I bet not unless it’s something you’re expecting, or simply you like.

Every other day, we face lots of ‘things’ in our life. If we could count, we might have seen that most of these things we face are not what we like or expect before they happen. In simple words, we face the reality in real-time. But if we knew what was about to happen, would we have wanted to live?

Again, I bet, the answer is negative.

Our life may not be luxurious, or beautiful, or the way we want it. But our life is unpredictable. Not only ours, but everyone else’s life is unpredictable. You may know the routine of tomorrow, but you don’t know the happenings until they really happen.

So, why on earth did I suddenly think about what would have happened if we knew the future?

Well, I happened to be on BBC Weather page for five-day forecast of Dhaka. On the day one, it said that there will be heavy rain. But at the time I looked at it, it was scorching heat of the sun outside. I posted a status on Facebook saying if BBC had gone mad. Someone on that post commented that I should wait until 24 hours is over. He was right. And so was the BBC Weather forecast. It was heavy rain that day.

Since then, for a couple of days now, I have been following the BBC weather and it’s always accurate. Somewhere in this blog I wrote that I love rainy weather unless I have to go outside after the rain. The BBC one day forecast that there’ll be no rain on a particular Saturday. On Friday night, I felt like I was bored. There will be no rain tomorrow. There will be that stupid hot sun all throughout the day. This thought made me kind of bored.

That’s exactly when I first realized that if we knew every bit of our future, our life would have been more boring than anything else has ever been.

So, we should admit that we’re blessed because we don’t know the future. And that’s why we can always stay curious about what’s going to happen next. Isn’t that sweet enough to keep a life going? Isn’t that why there are inspiring words out there?

I don’t believe that our luck are written. God knows everything that will ever happen. But He changes our luck according to how much we try. Somewhere in Al-Quran, it is said that where man’s all efforts are made and there’s nothing more he can do, God’s efforts begin. If we simply knew that tomorrow will bring no good to us, we would never have tried. And our life simply wouldn’t get better.

The bottom line is, therefore, we should be happy that the future is unknown and unpredictable to us. Take it as yet another gift from God. And discover your life every day.

Image used in this post is from Flickr.

12 thoughts

  1. I know my future, my goal and what I am going to be BUT I don’t know how I am going to get there and that is the reason that kept me going.

    I would still suggest that we should know we were heading to and not only wait for them to happen to realize them or else we might lost track of our own life and that would be, I believe, an utter loss.

    PS: Is the BBC forecast free? Can I have it here in Philippines?


    1. That is not precisely knowing your future, that’s just what you want your future to be. You just misunderstood it. Knowing where we are heading is just aim, or goal, and everyone must have that, I accept and suggest. What I was talking about is precisely what is about to happen in the future. Compare tomorrow with yesterday. Do you know as much about tomorrow as you know about yesterday? That’s my point.

      Yes, BBC Weather is a free service. But you need to tell me the city you are in to know the forecast. I found a city named Manila. Is this in Philippines? Here goes the link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/forecast/1523


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