Do you love Video Games? I know the answer depends. I’m not that much of a gamer. I played a very few games in my entire life. The titles include Virtual Cop 2, House of the Dead, Grand Theft Auto Vice City and San Andreas, The Godfather, Sonic the Hedgehog and a few others. What I love about games is not only the story and the gameplay but also the music that comes with it. These days, including the early days when video games like DOOM was hugely popular, most video games come with a unique theme song of their own. And sometimes, these theme songs are so good that I can’t but favorite them.

Today I came across a few of the video game theme songs on YouTube. I’m just embedding them here for you to listen to. I hope you will love them as much as I do.

Mortal Kombat

Still today, Mortal Kombat is hugely popular. The following is a theme that is applicable for both the film and the game. But I assume it was particularly made for the movie. However, if you played the game, you’ll sense the touch of this theme in the game.

The Godfather

If you haven’t yet watched the movie, you’re not a movie freak yet. But you don’t necessarily need to be a movie freak to watch this movie because it’s one of the greatest films ever made. It has a video game, too. But its theme is same in both the film and the game. There’s a 4-minute theme song but I couldn’t find it on YouTube. What I found is also called “Speak Softly Love” which is actually the Love theme of The Godfather.

GTA San Andreas

If you played GTA San Andreas, the following will remind me of you those good old video game memories as soon as you hit the play button. Because this theme is actually played each time you play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. There’s a thick possibility of being nostalgic after listening to this theme.

Need for Speed : Most Wanted

It’s a 2005 video game, possibly the most popular video game of the world-famous Need For Speed racing game series and some of you may still be playing this game at leisure. However, those who have moved on with the latest release will surely get nostalgic after watching the following soundtrack from the NFS Most Wanted game, which was played each time you run NFS Most Wanted in your PC or Console.

One of the best features of NFS Most Wanted was the police chase which made it just different than any other game in the series. Do you remember the music in the background despite all the wailing siren of the cop cars and the woman talking on the radio? Well, here we go, guys!

I’m still playing NFS Most Wanted and clearing my way up to the blacklist number 1, a.k.a. most wanted!

Games I Haven’t Played

Trine 2

I haven’t played this game and I don’t even know its genre. But I somehow ended up listening to its main theme and it attracted me well enough.

Add Yours!

If you have played many games, go search on YouTube with the name of the game followed by “theme song”. If you think that’s great to made in this list, let me know in the comments, I might just include it in this list, give you a bunch of thanks as well as a link in the post for contributing. 🙂

Also let me know which of the above ones did you like most?

13 thoughts

  1. I’m not a movie freak yet. I haven’t watched Godfather but I’m planning to, now that you mentioned it.

    I’m not a game freak but I once played Bioschock 2. It has a great story and intolerable graphics. :] I like also the theme of the film. It conveys the ambiance of the film: creepy and scary.

    PS: Mortal Combat movie is a crap. The game was epic :]


    1. Godfather is a boss movie. BioShock theme sounds very lonely and sad. I haven’t watched Mortal Kombat the movie. The game is epic. 😀

      Can you tell me more about BiShock’s plot?


      1. I haven’t played the BioSchock 1 but here’s I know about the sequel: Lamb is trying to create a utopia underwater. Making potion, drinks that can make man use its optimum potential. However, it malfunctioned and the place is now inhabited by crazy splicer, almost synonymous to mutants.

        Lamb is still not satisfied and try to build one again. This time only selected people, mostly girls called Small Sister and Big Sister. Now, your daughter is abducted and its your job to save her. And before you miss, you are Big Daddy, the protector of the little sister.

        That’s pretty much it. It’s cool actually. You get to choose what is the ending whether you want to live or die.


      1. it’s always good to be logged in when you comment…your link show beside your name, I figured since you visited me, why not visit you and see something I like and comment…I am an INTERNET NINJA. lol


        1. That’s nice but I don’t know how to understand ‘the visitors’ in because earlier i didn’t post any comments on your post. I’m confused 😕


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