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As a rough example, I’d quote that they say “shit happens!” But that type of happening gives you some kind of annoying experience, right? For me, it is right. Let me know if it’s left for you. 😉

But in the long journey of your lifespan, you often come across some things that make you sad, make you cry, keep you depressed and so on. A search on Google about how to cheer up from a depression will show you hundreds of ways. But in this post, I’ll just share one simple way that worked for me 90% times.

Before I say that, let me ask you one thing: Do you like music? If yes, then you’re like me. I like music. All kind of music. Rock, Metal, Melodious, Rap, etc. Almost all kind of music you’ll find in my playlist. So, what do I do when I’m so depressed or sad?

What you have imagined at this point is that I listen to them in high volume. Is that so? Well, not really. I do some other thing. I put my earphone on, play the music I like most (and that has to be either rock or heavy metal), and then close my eyes so that I can concentrate on my imagination where I’m on stage in front of thousands of people with a Guitar in my hand — no wonder I’m the lead singer. 😉

You may be thinking that is that really possible to imagine stuff like that at a moment when your heart is broken? Well, trust me, it works. You’ll not have a hard time doing so. Putting on your earphone will not let all those sadness and depression come back. Focus on your imagination. And sing aloud! Well, if that’s not possible (singing aloud), then just lip sync and whisper. I’ve tried doing this in the middle of the night and it really gave me a pleasure of singing aloud. Even after a while my throat began to pain. So you know how this works.

I know that it’s really hard to concentrate on such craziness when you are sad or depressed for some reason. If there’s nothing you can be cheerful of, try doing this. I wouldn’t say that it’ll lessen or cure your mental pain. But you will have a good time lasting for at least several hours. And if you know how to play any of the musical stuff — drum, guitar, piano — anything, go grab your stuff and start playing. But the abovementioned way will work better if you don’t have many friends to accompany you in such moments.

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    1. Yes, and that’s why I wrote this post so that some people may at least try this out.

      Off-topic: I am replying from email I received and I see your new email address. Well, isn’t this address supposed to be owned by your blog’s sponsor? 😛


  1. Haha, for me it’s writing, in a way, writing always makes me feel better. It relieves me. All the frustration let out, put down on paper makes me feel good 🙂


    1. Writing helps me too. But not that much. When I’m very sad or depressed, I don’t happen to concentrate on writing. I’d rather try to sleep. 😀


  2. hmm nice way of tackling depression,,,I also put on my earphones in such situation but do not sing lol,,,you wrote that you sang aloud in the middle of the night,,so loud that your throat began to pain lol no one woke up to ask you to be silent!!!


    1. I actually told that I whisper and pretend to be singing aloud in the middle of the night while I’m not. This kind of whispering for a couple of minutes will cause you throat pain. It’s like singing aloud without letting the sound come out of your throat. Try and you’ll get it.

      Thanks for comment.


    1. Ah it’s not singing aloud. It’s pretending to be while stopping the sound right in your throat. Gives a ‘singing aloud’ experience and makes tired later.


        1. Absolutely not 😛 Killing you all will only cost me a number of reader loss 😀 Why’d I do that 😛

          Anyway, the idea behind that is you’ll get tired and may be your mind will be diverted from anything that is causing you be sad.


    1. That’s one of the best ideas as well; only if you have the right songs. I don’t have the right songs, so it doesn’t work for me always.


  3. Good for you for figuring out what makes you feel better. For me, it’s going outside for a walk. No matter what else is going on in my life, after I take a walk I always feel better.



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