The best thing about studying in a morning shift college is that I have almost half of the day free to do anything. On the other hand, the worst part is, I have to wake up way too early in the morning, which is, in this rainy season, very, very cruel.

baf shaheen college dhaka
Raining in campus. Our college has a beautiful and large campus which logically makes students from other colleges jealous. 😛

If it’s raining, the best thing anyone might want to do is sleeping or just lying idle on the bed and listen to the sound of raining on the tin. For me, it’s no different. Things have changed significantly since I’ve got myself admitted into this college where my class periods start as early as 8.30 in the morning and ends as late as 1.45 in the midday. I know, this sucks to wake up early in the morning EVERY GODDAMN DAY! But I’m still happy because I get the rest of the day free for anything I want to do.

Since it’s rainy season (or rainy season is approaching, I don’t know because I don’t keep track of Bengali calendar), it rains every now and then (which unusually doesn’t really kill the scorching heat of summer. Climate change, I guess. 😡 ). Almost every morning it rains. It becomes difficult to get transportation to college since it’s quite far from my home.

I’ll tell details about my new college in another post someday later. In this post, I’m just saying how awkward it feels to sacrifice sleeping in a rainy morning for the sake of college. It hurts, seriously.

Every morning I wake up and think to myself I should skip today. Every midday I get out of college and walk on my way to home while thinking to myself: “Well, it was wise not to skip today!”

Do you think there’s any spell I can cast that will make me think the latter in the morning?

(Thanks to Tuntun appi for the image above. She’s a senior citizen of the college…err.. ( 😛 ) …senior student of the college and shared this photo on Facebook. Since camera or mobile phones aren’t allowed in the campus, I haven’t yet been able to take a shot inside the campus. But I’ll work it out someday for sure.)

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    1. Camera or mobile phones aren’t allowed in most of the school and colleges. It’s not because of anything kids do. The reality behind this reason is that the head of the institutes did not or was not able to use cell phones when they studied. It’s like a jealous you know. On the first day of our college we were told that they did study without the need of cell phones and we would too. Same scene in every college. Unfortunately, they will never take the matter into consideration that we go to college from a fairly far distance and it’s important that we keep a cell phone. They may prohibit multimedia cell phones, but they should allow cell phones. Which they don’t.


  1. Oh my, no cellphones? That’s just sad.
    And haha, tell me about the timings.
    Suchhhhh a pain.
    But you’re right, it gives us the rest of the day to spend in any way we want, so that’s a plus 🙂


    1. That’s really sad. 😦
      What timing? College hours? It’s 8.30 to 1.45pm.
      I chose this college because it’s not only good but also is a morning shift college. These days it’s hard to choose a college and get admitted into that college because it’s very competitive. Lucky that I got the chance.


  2. and here i thought that only i was the lazy type and wanted to skip college everyday:P
    but if you had timings we have here…you’d definitely skip it everyday even on SUNDAY:P


      1. chutti on friday??????? Oh God!!!
        My timings are 8 to 3 on mon, tue, wed and remaining days it is til 2:20:(
        and that we get extra labs on sat:(((((


            1. Maybe. But I won’t go back to Day shift for anything. Maybe it sucks to wake up early in the morning. But it’s also great to come back home in the midday, like say 2. 😀


            2. yea coming back early is very thing y i wont chose dayshift:/…coz in winter it gets tooooo dark and since i’m a girl …morons wonder where am i coming from:P


            3. well….not all…just MORONS:P and the uniform is something that wont cure their ill thoughts…plus evening shifts uniforms are dark colors remember??


  3. Well this really sucks…… getting up & going to the college ……..every morning ( except for Saturdays & Sundays “p) & I really hate sacrificing my vital sleep for it ;)…. Everyday I look for an excuse to skip college & in the end I always say its a good thing I went …. You are not the only one in this….. I experience the very same every morning :)p hahaha


    1. Over here it’s except for Friday only as Friday is the weekly holiday in Bangladesh.

      It’s really so sad to sacrifice sleep in a rainy morning for the college. Lucky that I like my college. Or I would have been sad all throughout the year!


    1. I will. 🙂

      Rain in Bangladesh isn’t much appreciated as it makes life difficult not because of the actual raining but other problems caused by it such as mud everywhere, flood in streets etc. We still like rain because naturally it’s too hot in here. A bit of rain makes life comfortable.

      If you ever come to Bangladesh, choose winter.


    1. My name is Bond, James Bond. 😎 Not really 😛 My name is Sajib. Not Sayid. 😛

      It’s not that early, but I have to wake up 5-6 in the morning. In a rainy morning that is way too early. 😦


      1. Sorry – I realized I had your name wrong too late – WP does not let you correct comments. But I still think you should “bite the bullet” an expression we have here in the States, which means do what you have to do even if you don’t want to, and get up early and get to class. You’ll be glad you did later in life.


  4. Be thankful you CAN go to college and all colleges should ban cell phones. It helps avoid distraction and those who use the texting to cheat. Your major is?


    1. From your point of view you think it avoids distraction. From our point of view, where we go to college from a very far distance, it makes everyday life very difficult because we cannot contact our family members even when badly needed. There aren’t too many public phones available since the revolution of cell phones here in Bangladesh.

      I’m studying Business Studies. You know, Accounting, Management, Finance & Marketing and Computer as optional subject.


  5. I was talking about not allowing the usage during class, maybe I didn’t word it right. I have watch people text during test or be disrespectful and not turn of cell phones during class.


  6. Ah, you have to go to college early in the morning, that’s why you can use the rest of your time on doing whatever you like, but I’ve to go to my school at midday [at 12.30]…. I don’t have enough time to do other things… 😦


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