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How many times have you been in a concert of your favorite bands?

For music fans, the answer should be “a lot of times”. I like music, but I haven’t been in a concert until recently. Seriously, if you ask, I have been in a concert only once until now. Well, technically speaking, I have been in a concert earlier, but that was arranged by a couple of friends of my brother. No mainstream artists were there. So, I would erase it when talking about being in a concert of favorite bands.

I do watch a lot of concerts on TV each time they are telecast — live or recorded. In ancient times, (means when I was a child) I used to love “Live” version of songs more than ‘Studio Record’ that came with cassettes or CDs, because Live version had much clearer voice as well as cheers from the audience. And now, as a teenager, I like being in a concert more than being in front of TV, or say YouTube for alternative.

Earlier this month, WiMax Internet Service Provider in Bangladesh called QUBEE arranged a concert in the indoor stadium in the city. Fortunately, the venue was very close to my house. I didn’t have to think about transportation even if it is late in the night. The program — or concert — was called Qubee Junction, with a tagline “The history of Rock ‘n Roll”. I remember that Qubee arranged such a junction in the previous year also. The tickets have been filled out within a couple of hours from the time they were sent.

This year, fortunately, I was in front of my computer when the email asking to register arrived. I readily registered and got two free tickets to the indoor stadium in Mirpur 10, Dhaka, where the event took place. I planned that I would take my brother with me but he refused to go. I looked for a few other friends who might be interested in going, but none of them were available. (Funny that when others were like depressed not to be able to get an entry, I had an extra one with no one to make use of it.)

Finally, I arrived at the event in the afternoon with two tickets; one in the hand, and the other one in the bag. The second ticket was left unused. I entered alone.

We all had to wait in the queue before we were allowed to enter in the stadium. I had never been inside the indoor stadium before that. The indoor stadium looked very nice, especially because it was arranged to look nice. 😛 When we entered, the instruments were being warmed up. The show was said to start at 5PM although it took 1 more hour for the instruments to be all set and good to go.

qubee junction
Tuning. This is a close shot. All the audiences are behind and on my left and right side. In front side there were VIPs.

The History of Rock ‘n Roll

The main concept of the show was to present the industry of music in Bangladesh as it evolved since late 1970. There were all the bands who have literally created the music industry in Bangladesh. Some band members performed together in the Qubee Junction stage decades later. All the bands were allowed to sing 2 to 3 songs. So, we enjoyed the history of music industry as it evolved, right in front of our eyes.

All the artists on stage.

About the arrangement of the event, we have to say Qubee did really good. For an ISP to arrange such a giant and colorful musical event is really something you don’t expect here in Bangladesh. But Qubee, since its first days of business, always have been professional (except in customer care call lines). And we have to admit that they have nice concepts, too. Otherwise they wouldn’t have got the idea to present the history of music industry in Bangladesh through such an amazing show.

Qubee Junction
A dark moment of the show.

One memorable moment for everyone who joined in on the Qubee Junction should be the performance of legendary LRB. Well, I don’t know the full meaning of LRB, but what we all understand by LRB is AB (Okay, I know the meaning of AB — Ayub Bachchu). Ayub Bachchu is one of the most favorite artists here in Bangladesh. He has some songs that will never be old (even if they get old, they will still remain gold). Traditionally, he would sing any of those age-old golden songs. Qubee Junction was no different. And he has his style in concerts.

qubee junction
AB on stage.

In a slow and melodious song, he asked the audience to take out their cell phones, turn on the light and wave it above their head while lights of the stadium were off. Imagine such a moment. It remembered us of a big sky consisting of thousands of stars.

You won't get the feeling of the time because it's somewhat impossible to capture in still image.

The show ended on midnight. I didn’t have any problem coming back to home. During the show, I recorded a couple of clips and took a few snaps which you can view in this set on Flickr. Excuse the bad quality of photographs because I sat in a fair distance from the stage and I had a point-and-shoot camera with only 4x optical zoom. I should say that I was lucky that you can at least see the face and recognize the artists.

The concert experience was nice and memorable. It could have been better (not in a sense of arrangement, I was not mentally happy for some reason). And I did not have any difficulty to get the ticket nor did I have to pay for it. So, I should say that the concert was worth attending. Again, I wish it would have been better..!

How many times have you been in a concert and which part of a concert do you like? Who’s your favorite artist?

11 thoughts

  1. Ah…. Looking very interesting… Missed it… but glad to hear that it was your first ever visit to concert…


    1. I love that too. Especially when everyone sings together and when everyone shakes their head with rock or metal 😛 That’s a good experience unless you get a headache later. 😉


  2. I noticed you mention about ‘Ancient Times’ regarding your age, I wonder did I once see you on the shores of Spain back in the year 1448? I only mention this as I have been around since 1420 and I guess one would relate that span of time with being a tad ancient, but then again eccentricity is sometimes associated with fantasy and not strange as it is often described, of course this comment could simply be an optical illusion and not even here… just kidding Sajib.

    Seriously though, I think that you rather enjoyed your experience but in the same token it was also a little lacklustre, maybe next time you will be buying your own ticket and looking forward to the performance, in this instance the ticket was a gift and so the excitement not entirely the same as if you had chosen the setting yourself, and of course by doing so it would have generated a much higher interest, especially if it was a Band that you really wanted to see.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us my friend…



    1. Oh god! You totally ate me with the beginning of your comment. 😮

      I did enjoy, but not as much as I should have. That’s not really because the tickets were free of cost. In fact, if I had to buy the tickets, I wouldn’t have bought simply because I wasn’t in a mood of going to a concert. I just got it out of the blue and didn’t want to waste it. That’s all. But that doesn’t necessary tell that I’m not interested in concerts. I love it. But what I dislike about most concerts is that you have to keep standing all the time. In this Qubee Junction, we had seats. That’s the best part.

      Thanks for your serious comment. 😉


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