For quite a long time now, I have been thinking of inaugurating the site in full force. But I don’t know why I couldn’t really make it. I can say honestly that I never lacked motivation. Maybe time didn’t allow me to do so. Not that I now have plenty of time. My exams are going on (with big gaps between two exams 😛 ). And I’m making use of the time that is left after studying.

Named, I bought this domain nearly two years ago. First year, I hosted it on HostGator with a WordPress installation on it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a computer of myself back then. So, it is explainable how tough it was to maintain the site regularly. Especially with ‘news’ niche, a site needs to be constantly updated. I didn’t have the facility so I had to pause it.

More than a year passed by and I didn’t quite do anything with it.

Finally, a few weeks back when Google’s Blogger first rolled out its new interface matching the current design and theme of all things Google (Google Search, Plus and all those Google products), I was blown away. I removed the wordpress installation and started from scratch on First I created a sub-domain on Blogger and then, as I had to do technically, I configured my domain to redirect to that blogger site.

technology and social media news

Now TechiePost a full running website (with a few ads here and there. I’m sure you don’t mind 😛 ). I hope to continue it to see how well I  can do it with you. I’m hosting it on even after knowing that WordPress is best for both SEO (Search Engine Optimization), site functionality as well as making money (Monetizing). I still chose Blogger for TechiePost because I don’t know how much potential TechiePost has and therefore I didn’t want to invest much in it.

The first question that I had to ask myself was why would people come to my site where there are big portals available? The answer was: Because I will fetch information from most of those sites, rewrite it in my own way and post the necessary information in the shortest form possible.

With that said, everything that I write on TechiePost is short, concise and matters. With ‘matters’, I mean you don’t really need to know every little thing that happens in the tech and social media world. For example, most people don’t care if Google’s share falls. But you definitely care — or want to know — if Google begins to delete Google+ profiles or Apple becomes richer than the United States government or Gmail comes up with a LOL trick to get everyone on board. That’s the idea. TechiePost will publish news that matters to you; news that you will want to read, and news that doesn’t take a lot of time to be read.

Bite-sized, how does that sound? 😉

If you’re interested, please take a time to visit the site, TechiePost for Bite-sized Tech and Social Media News, subscribe for RSS feed, or Like on Facebook. (Trust me, a Like on Facebook is something you won’t regret 😉 ).

Thanks in advance for liking. 😀

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  1. Hey Sajib,

    A question ‘sort of’ related to your post – what do you think of Hostgator as a hosting company? A few people at the Wordcamp Boston 2011 conference recommended them, but I want to get more opinions.



    1. It actually depends on what your requirement is. If you want a personal (or business in most cases) blog/website with a domain, it’s fine. For hosting, it’s fine too. But I won’t recommend HostGator for reseller account or for hosting large web applications as my brother had a HostGator account and he faced its limitations that they won’t say in public.

      So, if yours is a small website or blog, or just a domain, either is good with Hostgator.


        1. For that requirement, HostGator would be your first choice. 🙂

          Optionally you can use my affiliate link (on TP banner) to sign up for hostgator if you like. 😀


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