haunted house

It’s a controversial topic whether ghosts exist or not. Many scientist still believe that supernatural things occur while many others still oppose it. However, people like us mostly fear places that appear to be haunted. Places like a dark forest, an abandoned house, a night in a graveyard etc makes us afraid of something unknown. Did you ever bother to ask yourself, why do you fear?

I didn’t ask this to myself either. When thinking about fearing, my mind stumbled upon the answer. We fear because it’s injected into us. In my theory, fear is more like a virus. It can be injected into human being with not-so-strong heart (I wouldn’t say weak). Let me show you an example.

As for myself, if I had never read stories or watched movies that show dark places are threatening, ghosts exist in abandoned houses, there may be evils lurking in the graveyards, then I might never be afraid of these. Seriously. Why do you fear an abandoned house into which no man has stepped for centuries? Even the bravest person will fear to enter such places. They may not show this feeling to you, but they will fear. If we never knew that these places may be haunted, or if we never knew that there is such a word as ‘haunted’, then perhaps we would have never feared any ghostly thing (until they happen, add that).

I did a quick search on Wikipedia and found that they wrote it like this: “People develop specific fears as a result of learning.” And that’s exactly what I have been talking about since the beginning of this post. We learn to fear. If we — during our childhood or later through movies or stories — never learned to fear, we would have never feared. Please understand that I’m only talking about supernatural things here. For example, people will fear of height. People will be afraid of water if they don’t know swimming (myself included). But that’s not my subject. I’m only talking about all things supernatural.

So, the answer to this simple yet complicated question is, you fear because you learn to fear. It maybe wasn’t your will to learn, but you were taught to fear certain things, including a haunted place (you learned the word ‘haunted’ too).

If you’re interested in learning true supernatural stories, you should watch A Haunting on Discovery Channel. The show features reconstruction of actual stories narrated by the people involved in them.

Now, are you thinking why all of a sudden I’m talking about this unusual topic? Well, I will have to tell you later (in the upcoming post).  A thing has made me think about this. The thing came with a brilliant concept although apparently it didn’t achieve much popularity; I don’t see why. It’s 3.37 in the morning and I just had my Sehri and I need to sleep now. I will write about that thing as soon as possible. Good night ’til then.

Here’s the link to the next post titled “Super Hybrid (2010)“.


11 thoughts

  1. The simplistic answer to this one is that I hath never asked myself this question because I do not fear all of the above, indeed I rather like this atmosphere, the darkness and the ghostly happenings that frequent the graveyard…

    Come with me one of these nights and we will walk amongst the tombstones, feel the trepidation and the pulsing of blood through thy veins, the howl of the distant wolf, the owl and the rustling of the trees, the mist forming upon the ground and the screams of banshees and blood curdling visions that haunt thy innermost feelings, the horrors that create disturbances within thy psyche and the trembling of thy hand as thy last candle extinguishes leaving thee alone in the darkness where only the brutal and sadistic Vampires feed.

    By the way – Fear is not an option Sajib

    Of course on the flip side of the coin we could just seize a nice hot curry (not too hot for me you understand… lol) and just enjoy reading the many, many comments that this most excellent posting of yours will generate… Have a wondrously scary and frightenigly excellent Thursday, hopefull without any of those Zombies, Ghosts, Ghouls, Werewolves and Vampires turning up after midnight 🙂 lol



    1. Thanks for your comment. I know that there are always people who would never fear. Maybe those people — including you 😛 — themselves are supernatural. 😛 😛


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