Assuming that you have already heard that I’ve developed and been running a technology news portal with the idea of providing bite-sized technology and social media news that matters, here are the top technology news of the week starting from August 1 to August 7, that is today. If you’re interested in reading any of the following news in details, simply click the heading and a new tab will open up containing the news in detailed form.

Google+ Beats Facebook

Definitely an eye-catching title. You might be wondering how on earth it’s possible for a newcomer like Google+ to beat the boss of social networking, Facebook. Well, regardless of how impossible it sounds, a new study has proved it right.

Teachers can no longer Friend Students

Bad news if you’re a teacher, you live in Missouri and you want to be friends with your students. A new law passed in Missouri and effective from later this month prevents teachers from becoming friends with their students on Facebook (and supposedly other social networking sites as well). Is it too much in your opinion?

Next Generation iPhone in October

There are numerous rumors regarding the launch date of the next iPhone(s). But this one, close to the matter, claims that the next generation of iPhone will be released anytime in this October. Sit tight if you’re planning to buy an iPhone 5, or 4G, or whatever Apple names it.

Facebook to change News Feed

If you are like me, who doesn’t embrace frequent changes in Facebook News Feed, bad news for both of us. Facebook is planning a revamped look of News Feed where more contents will appear.

Apple Brings iCloud Beta

Apple finally rolls out the beta version of its cloud-based music-streaming and data storage service where you can get 5 gigabytes of free space with your Apple ID.

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