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My Class Test is going on in the college. It’s interesting that we’re attending exams although we had just about two weeks of class in our new college. But rule is rule. We have to attend the class test no matter what as the marks obtained in these tests will be carried forward to half-yearly (mid-term) exams.

August 7, Sunday, I had two exams back-to-back. As far as I could remember, the exams were of “Accounting” and “Finance & Marketing”. So, I studied Accounting hard for the past week, especially the last night. I practiced, read every note about how to properly entry a transaction into a journal and then how to properly move the journal entries into a ledger. Apart from these mathematics, I also studied some theories about Accounting, its definition, objectives, etc.

I didn’t sleep last night. This morning, I got ready for the college at 8 AM as my exams were scheduled to be on 10 AM to 11 AM and then 11AM to 12 PM. It took me about two hours to reach the college due to heavy traffic in the streets. But when I arrived the college, I was talking to some guys and eventually discovered that today there will be “English” exam instead of “Accounting”.

What the….

I’m lucky yet that it’s English, not other subjects like Management or Bangla. Still I was sad because if I had the time to at least take a look over the entire syllabus (paragraphs, compositions and other stuff in English book), I could do well. Now I attended the exam and am confused about 6 marks out of 25. If I just knew that today’s English exam, I would have been able to answer 25 marks with full confidence.

I gotta admit that I was trying to be a little over smart here by not writing down the Exam routine. I tried to memorize it. 😐 And now you know how good memorizer I am.

Apart from grammatical questions, which carried about 10 marks, there were a question in composition section titled “Write a Paragraph about Sound Pollution.” I wrote the paragraph (I didn’t read as you know) with a feeling in mind that I was writing a blog. 😉 I wrote so many advice in the paragraph like I never did anything that polluted sound. 😉 It carries 14 marks (another 1 mark for the neatness of the script, which I hope to get). Let’s see how much teacher gives me. 😦

Lesson to myself: Always note down exam routines or ask someone ‘what’s the next exam’ every day before or after exam. 😐

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  1. The main thing to think of here Sajib is that you have studied well regardless of the subject matter that was indeed offered, but this will only heighten your knowledge when the ‘Accounting’ and ‘Finance and Marketing’ examination is held at a later time, of course the lower mark that you are surmising for your ‘English’ question paper may be somewhat higher than your estimations so you will just have to wait for the results my friend.

    It is always a big let down when one has studied comprehensively for an exam, only to realise that the examination was of another topic, however in hindsight I think that you have learned your error, and next time you will be fully prepared and so in this instance all is not lost Sajib.

    Do have a most excellent rest of day and enjoy your studying…



    1. It’s very sad you know. English is my favorite subject and I always have scored highest mark in school. Looks like this time I’m not gonna be able to keep that. 😦 😦


      1. Achieving high goals is something to be proud of but when one has given all that one can, for instance in this examination that you have just had, then under the circumstances of not knowing beforehand what the examination subject was, I think that you can still hold your head up high knowing that with better revision you would have excelled once more.

        There is no shame in a lower marking as long as one has done one’s best and is willing to strive higher on the next occasion…

        Be well my friend…



  2. That’s a bummer Sajib. But I am not worried at all in your English exam since, as we all know, you’re good at writing. Regardless of the score, may you post the paragraph here in your blog? I’d like to read it. :]


    1. I’d love to, but I don’t seriously remember any bit of it. If I have to write it again, it will be completely different than the one I wrote in the exam. Also, it will be partly better and partly worse. 😀

      But if examination papers are given for recheck the mark calculation, I’ll try to write it here for you.


  3. Good plan Sajib. With your experience blogging in English, you should ace that exam. I think once you get the routine down of the exams, (and remember to write them down) you’ll do well.


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