Another week has passed and a lot of things happened in the technology world. Here’s a short list of top tech and social media news according to statistics of TechiePost.

Hacker Group Threatens to kill Facebook

Did you know the famous hacker group Anonymous — responsible for Sony PlayStation and a number of other hacks — has promised to kill Facebook on November 5, 2011? They said they are doing it because of Facebook’s evil privacy settings. Click the title to know more.

Google+ Introduces Games

What could you possibly do when there is not that much of a female users in your social networking circle? You’re right, you would play games. Google recently added a handful of games to its newest social networking platform, which has beaten Facebook to be the fastest-growing social media ever.

Skype’s New Version supports OS X Lion and HD Videocalling

A mac user? We know you have been missing HD videocalling experience on Skype. That’s why we have the good news to tell you that Skype now can utilize your HD camera.

Apple Unveils School-Friendly iMacs

Apple released educational institutes-centric iMac at cheaper price and configuration. Check out the configuration, price and decide whether it’s worth buying it instead of the regular edition of iMac on the market.

Anonymous Attacks

Anonymous — the group of hackers we have already talked about — have succeeded in two more hacking attempts. One in the Syrian Ministry website and the other in the US Law Enforcement websites. The news of the both attacks came top in this week’s statistics.


That’s pretty much it. Visit regularly to stay up to date with the news that is of your interest.

4 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the info Sajib. I’m not very good about keeping up on the latest tech stuff. If Anonymous kills FB, what do you think will happen to our FB information?


    1. FB will have back up so if it succeeds to kill, FB will get the information back online. It may take time, but it will.

      However, I’m not sure about it. But as a professional company, the social giant must be having backups of its data in case of disasters.


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