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A new social networking platform has evolved and it feels desert with nearly all male users on board. 😉 It’s not only sad for us — the males – but also sad for female users. Is it because they don’t get invitation or they think it’s a geeky platform?

google plus

For all of your kind information, I’d like to mention that Google+ is just like Facebook — partly better and partly worse. But it’s not a geeky platform. People from all age and profession can get on board and experience the freshness of social networking. Share what you want, with whom you want; just like you do in your real life. That’s the basic idea of Google+ project.

google plus

I’m sure a lot of ladies aren’t on Google+ because it’s not publicly available yet. To use Google+, one needs to be invited by an existing Google+ user. That’s sad, right? Don’t underestimate it yet, without even going public, Google+ has beaten Facebook and any other social networking platform to be the fastest growing social networking site in the history.

So, enough talked already, let’s talk something that is going to be really useful for you if you’re a female (you can also take advantage if you’re male and pretend to be a female, in which case I’d say “Shame on you!” :mad:). Like all other Google+ users, I’ve got 150 invitations left. I can invite anyone right now to get them inside Google+. But I wanted to make a real difference. 😛 I’m sure everyone would love to see more female users on Google+. To contribute in increasing female users on Google+, I’ve taken a praiseworthy decision 😀 to sacrifice giveaway all the 150 invitations to interested female only. 😛

google plus invitation

So, if you really are a female (which I cannot really make sure if you’re lying 😦 ), you can message me on Facebook (if you are on Facebook already) or simply comment on this post. Here’s a link to my Facebook Profile, My Google+ Profile (Easy to remember: gplus.to/aisajib), Twitter (utilizing the chance to increase followers 😉 ) and my Contact page in case you need any help getting started with Google+.

Trust me, Google+ is a revolution in the way we connect and share with people in the virtual world.


I heard Google sometimes rejects to let people sign up despite being invited on grounds of being over capacity. If that happens with you, just sit back and try the next day. Eventually Google will let you sign up.

17 thoughts

    1. Thanks for your interest, please check your hotmail.se inbox. An email containing the invitation to join Google+ must have arrived. Make sure you follow me back on Google+ when you’re inside (not mandatory, though 😉 ).

      I’d appreciate it if you’d at least let me know whether you succeeded to join because I heard Google has temporarily suspended joining in through invitations on grounds of being over capacity.


  1. Hi,
    How did you get the like and dislike (thumbs up and down) feature for the post and the comments??


    1. It’s in your WordPress dashboard. Go down to Settings > Sharing option to set the style you like. You can also choose star ratings if you like.


  2. I would so love to get an invite, If you can help me please that would be great. Thank you so much and have a great day. 🙂


  3. Hi Sajib,

    I was fortunate to get one of the early Google + invites (and I’m a girl too 🙂 )
    I’ve gone ahead and added you to my circles.

    PS Do you have a special circle just for girls 🙂


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